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Monday, November 22, 2010

On Pins and Needles

I'm on pins and needles.
I'm really wanting to find out!
Do you know what today is? Its the day they announce the winner for Focus in the Family's Narnia essay contest. November 22 is here! The deadline to enter was Saturday night. My mom entered Saturday afternoon. I'm anxiously awaiting to find out who are the four winners for this week. Oh, oh, oh.........
 I was reading the FAQ's last week, they said that it is okay if your child writes the essay and you enter it. So that's what we did.

For the essay you had to write who your favorite character is and why you would like to go to the premiere in London.
I couldn't decide who my favorite character was. I wrote two essays, one on Edmund and one on Mrs. Beaver. Then I had to pick which one. I decided on Mrs. Beaver. I played her in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" A Ballet and I really just love that character. So here's my essay below. I understand that Mrs. Beaver has no part in The Voyage on the Dawn Treader but it did not say it had to be from it. It just said, "The Chronicles of Narnia". Anyway, here's my essay below. It had to be 200 words or under so I didn't get to include all I wanted.
I was eight when my dad read the entire “Chronicles of Narnia” to me. I wanted to go there and often pretended that I would. My fascination for it grew when I “became” one of them.
I was twelve when I played Mrs. Beaver on stage. “Being” Mrs. Beaver was a wonderful experience, one of the best of my life. Delving into the book and analyzing her character and the part she plays gave me a deeper appreciation for her. To me, Mrs. Beaver represents the people who are put into our lives to draw us closer to God, who lead and direct us to Christ. She is one very special beaver.
I am especially fond of Mrs. Beaver because I “know” her the best. She is gentle but strong, and the Pevensie children may not have made it to Aslan without the help of her and her husband.
Going to see “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” would be one of my ultimate dreams coming true. I have wanted to visit London for a very long time and seeing Narnia in all its magic at the premiere would be phenomenal- just about as wonderful as going to Narnia itself!


Anonymous said...

that's awesome!! i really hope you win! :) that would really be an amazing trip! i also dream about going to England, and to watch narnia would be even better :)

OldFashionedCharm said...

Sweet Mrs. Beaver! You did a great job on your essay! I hope you win, but even if you don't it was a great opportunity. I'd love to read the essay on Edmund, he's a very interesting character too! :)

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Sweet post!
I like the pictures of the book.

Blessings to you...

Katherine said...

I LOVE the Narnia books, too =)