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Sunday, January 25, 2009

One of the Best Books I've Ever Read!

"Against the Tide"
The Valor of Margret Wilson

Bold for the Faith
Brave in Peril
Beautiful in Surrender

Seventeenth-century Scotland is a place of cruel intolerance for the Covenanters, a people bound together by their loyal faith. A young, earnest Covenanter, Margret Wilson finds her pledge loyalty to Christ and his covenant in opposition to King Charles II's demand for her absolute obedience. Will Margret choose to defy the authorities? Or will devotion to her family, love for her sweetheart, and hopes for future happiness rule her heart?

The Chosen Daughters series highlights the lives of ordinary women who by God's grace accomplish extraordinary things.

"Margret Wilson is a heroine for the ages, holding true her convictions during one of the darkest seasons in Scottish history. Oh, the we might all have the faith of this young women, who was determined to let God choose her future, whether for service or for sacrifice."
-Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author of Thorn in My Heart"

The difficult age of the Scottish Covenanters comes startlingly to life...Hope Marston has captured all the drama and adventure, tension and intrigue, courage and romance, faith and endurance of those Killing Times when both the integrity of the gospel and the prospects of freedom were very much at stake."
-George Grant, Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church; coordinator, Gileskirk Curriculum; president, Franklin Classical School

From the back page of "Against the Tide"

I think that this is a book that girls really need to read. In a society in which faith, bravery, and heroism is watered down and people have terribly low expectations for young people this book tells of many people of all ages risking everything in order to stay true to their master and king, Jesus. Margret, nineteen, her brother Thomas, sixteen, and her young sister Agatha, thirteen, run away from their home for fear of the English dragoons capturing them. They hold true to their faith even if it means that they will have to give their lives. I real tear jerkier. I finished this one night a few weeks ago and I cried so hard the collar of my bathrobe was wet! These three siblings and all of the covenantors were aware of what God had called them to do. The Killing Times tested the faith of all and those who were song were often killed. As one of the amazing woman in the story, Margret MacLachlan said, "God has called us for either service or sacrifice". She told Margret and Agatha that in the old Testament God told his people to offer their cattle to him. Some of them were used for his service and they used their lives to work for him, but others he called to be sacrificed. The Amazing faith that those young people had is inspiring! My mom's about to start it. I highly recommend it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is Your Heritage?

What is your heritage? From what people are you descended? Where has your family lived? I think that family history is very interesting and I think that it gives a person pride in knowing what their people did and where they came from. My family is a great mixture of peoples but I think that the greatest part of my family line comes from England. As far as I know all my father's family is English, all the names sound very English and that is what my dad said when I asked him. :) My mom's family is descended from many different lines. My maternal grandfather's father was Irish, his mother I believe was English. My Maternal grandmother is Scottish, English, and German. I think that it's interesting to think back on what each particular race has accomplished. When I think of the English I think of the great writers like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Howard Pyle, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Daniel Defoe, and John Bunyan. When I think of the Scottish I think of Sir William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and that great writer, Sir Walter Scott, and the heroic Scottish Christian conventers like Margret Wilson. When I think of the Irish I think of Saint Patrick, and also a man I've been learning about in school, Saint Brenden. When I think of the Germans I think of the great composers such as Beethoven and Handel. It is so interesting to see where your family line has come from. So summing it up, I guess the people of my line have been writers, warriors, missionaries, and composers. Hmmm.....interesting. Please leave me a comment on what family line you are from. I love history and it's interesting to see what people your ancestors were. What country is your family from? I believe every individual needs to understand their family history. It makes a person feel proud of what their ancestors have accomplished. What do you think? And by the way if you come across my blog pleeaasse comment!:D
Many Blessings,
A. Layne

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Please excuse the Christmas music. I know it is so out of season and it is very tacky but we can't get on the website without our mom. So enjoy it while its here : )
I will post more later...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted pictures. These are some of our Christmas Pictures from this year. LouLou's laughing in this one! Little, Bitty, Brother, Going Down the Slide...
......and Big Brother

Mama, Me, and Lou

Little Boy, Medium Boy, Daddy, Big Boy, Mama, Lydia, and Me

I'm going to be posting some more pictures soon. I wanted to download more but blogger won't let more than six download at once. Phoey.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


If you would like you can visit-
for pictures from our visit at pecan pastures.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ten Things We Have Lost

My Grandma opened a blog the other day and she has some very good posts on it. She wrote about "Ten Things We Have Lost". I know she would enjoy hearing from you so please comment!:) There's a post under this one that I just wrote. Happy New Year!
A. Layne

Jane Austen

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a blessed new year! I opened a new blog a few weeks ago and it is now opened for viewing! I love comments so please don't hesitate to write! Its called "A Jane Austen Experience".

A. Layne

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I know we have really fallen down on our job w/posting and all, but here we are (fianlly! ) Right now I am trying to download pictures from my new camera, but it is not wanting to work! Hmmmmmm.... I will have to ask Layne to help. I will try to get Layne to help me with the pictures really soon because, I have a lot! I will try to post somemore soon!.............................