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Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Bad Impression~

If you have ever seen the film "Cheaper by the Dozen" the one with Clifford Webb you might remember the line that Mr. Gilbreth told his daughters when they were embarrassed about going into the new school with all their little siblings, "A Person with inner dignity is never embarrassed!". I have a hard time remembering that some times. :)

Today we visited our new library and what I had been very afraid of happened. TyTy and Levi I'm afraid left a bad impression! They ran through the library trying to get away from me. Every time you try to catch up to a little one they just run all the more. :) As I was trying to catch them a sweet librarian stopped and smiled at me. I felt so bad about them being disrupted. I just smiled and told her I was sorry. Oh I dearly love my little brothers but there boys. And where there's boys there will be lots of noise and energy.

I feel I left a bad impression on our new library. A young mom with one QUIET little baby girl looked at us as we walked in with some amazement.

Raise your head high and remember that a person with inner dignity is never embarrassed. A new thought of mine.

This post is for Bookworm. I don't mind at all! I didn't see your comment until today and when I got on your blog I didn't see where I could comment but I just wanted to let you know that I don't mind you putting my book list on your blog at all!:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My 50 Random Things...

1. I hate fried eggs
2. I don't care for walls without paint
3. Naturally I am not a flexible person
4. I can wear several different shoes sizes depending onethe store and the style of shoe. 8 1/2, 9, or a 9 1/2.
5. I haven't grown any since my birthday in October. Maybe an 1/8 of an inch. I'm currently 5' 6 1/2".
6. If I could have an amazing voice I'd want it to be like Julie Andrews.
7. I have never flown in a plane.
8. I have never spent more than five nights away from home.
9. Yellow is not a good color on me.
10. I love "The Andy Griffith Show".
11. I am so excited about having a baby girl.
12. I want to be a professional dancer.
11. My favorite character from "Little Women" is Meg.
12. My favorite composers are Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.
13. I love brownies
14. I have a cup of Wild Berry Tea every night.
15. I love wicker baskets.
16. I like chocolate brown.
17. I love to hum. I almost am always doing it.
18. I can play the piano a little.
19. I love to watch tap dancing.
20. My favorite TV shows are "17 Kids and Counting", "Jon and Kate + 8", "Food Network Challenge", and "I Love Lucy".
21. I love vegetable soup.
22. chocolate is a passion
23. I read Proverbs 29 today.
24. My favorite song is "Amazing Grace".
25. I can't stand to paint my finger nails.
26. I love to sew.
27. my favorite ice cream is Rocky Road.
28. I hate mushrooms on anything but pizza.
29. I like Paul Newman's salad dressing.
30. Blue Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.
31. I love to bake.
32. I can't eat a lot of dairy.
33. I love to learn about family history.
34. I want to buy "Mansfield Park".
35. I am running out of things to say.
36. I was at the birth of two of my little brothers.
37. I had grits and a little bit of eggs and sausage for breakfast.
38. My favorite blog is Resolved 2 Worship.
39. I can't find the movie "Emma".
40. I am reading "Lady Jane Grey", "The Andy Griffith Show Book", and "Great Expectations"
41. I love a summer storm.
42. I am annoyed with Lydia right now. :P
43. I am sick of opening packing boxes.
44. I have never eaten shrimp.
45. I love antiques.
46. I pronounce aunt like ant.
47. I love "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".
48. I'm wearing a navy blue shirt from Old Navy and jeans.
49. I like to wear old fashioned clothes.
50. I love poetry.

Whew I'm through!:)

"I Never Saw a Moor"
by Emily Dickinson

"I Never Saw a Moor,
I Never Saw the Sea,
Yet I Know How the Heather Looks,
And What a Wave Must be."

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thanks Hannah!

1. I was born at home
2. I like to vacume
3. I have three younger brothers and soon to be a little sister!
4. My favorite color is pink!
5. I love to go to the beach!!
6. I like to watch old movies
7. I like to blog! : )
8. I like to read the Life of Faith books
9. My favorite food is fruit
10. I like antiques! : )
11. I enjoy being in the outdoors
12. I like to cook.
13. I hate a ugly dark green.
14. I like being tagged!!
15. I was born at home.
16. I like the atmosphere of a small town
17. I have a new bedspread to go on my old fashioned white bed!!
18. I enjoy being homeschooled.
20. This tag is really hard!
21. I love roses
22. I love a summer rain.
23. I hate to ride in the car in a thunder storm
24. I love to watch "18 kids and counting" (the duggar family)
25. I love my new house!!
26. I love the smell of pine trees
27. I love the smell of one of my hair brushes
28. I love to dance
29. I love the "Love Comes Softly" movies
30. I like to decorate.
31. I love windows without screens!
32. I like to wear my hair in brades
33. I love old fashioned things
34. I would love to take Cake decorating classes
35. I enjoy sleeping
36. I love to swim
37. I love it that Hannah Tagged me!
38. I love babies!!
39. I don't like to spend money
40. I love Ice cream
41. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
42. I love the sound of violin music
43. I love my new room and kitchen!
44. I am really looking forward to meeting my new sister!
45. I love to hear the sound of a train.
46. I love the peach cobbler my sister made tonight
47. I like to wear dresses to church.
48. I like to post random things about myself!
49. my middle name is Caroline
50. I reached the end!!

I am done! Wow, that is one hard tag!!

I tage-

Aunt Monica and Carrinton@
Aunt Karen @

Thanks Hannah!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I went to find something green today to wear and all I could find was a winter sweater that's lime green and a middle of summer shirt that I would have frozen in. So I wore green capris (spelling?) and a white shirt. I'm going to try to find some sort of green ribbon I can tie around my bun or my neck as a necklace so that I won't be pinched when I go to the studio in a while for ballet. I learned something I didn't know about Saint Patrick today. Did you know that he wasn't originally from Ireland? When he was sixteen he was kidnapped by pirates and taken over to Ireland as a slave but he was actually born in Britain. While in bondage he became a Christian and he found strength from the Lord to get through his terrible circumstances. Several years later he escaped and came back to his home and felt led to become a priest. One night while sleeping he dreamed that the people of Ireland were crying out to him and begging him to come and teach them about Christ. So that's what he did. He used the clover as an example to teach the people about the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. There's an excellent short biography about him in the book "Trial and Triumph".

Do you like the song about Ireland on our playlist? I love that song. :) The Luck of the Irish to You!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Many Random Questions

Here is a question are I thought was fun

soccer or basketball? Neither
beef or chicken? chicken
a yellow or a blue parrot? definitely blue
the city or country? Um, it depends
skiing or ice skating? Most definitely ice skating although I've never done either.
the ocean or a lake? the ocean. It's so beautiful
New York or Las Vegas? New York I'd go see Mary Poppins or Oliver! on Broadway.
dogs or cats? I love cats
Redskins or Cowboys? cowboys
horses or donkeys? Horses because their beautiful
your bed or a hotel bed? my bed is defiantly the one I'd pick. i can't stand to sleep in a hotel room.
chocolate or vanilla? Are you crazy? CHOCOLATE!!!
Andrews Sisters fan? I don't know a whole lot about them but I do love some of their music.
Ireland or Scotland? I think it would be wonderful to visit either of them. I have ancestors from both countries.
babies or toddlers? Toddlers
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Neither
Winter or Spring? Spring
Summer or Fall? Fall
strawberries or raspberries? strawberries
apples or oranges? oranges
Mac or Dell? neither
laptop or desktop? desktop. I like using a mouse.
pizza or spaghetti? Pizza. With lots of bell peppers.
Chinese food or Japanese food? Chinese.
the name Jessica or Courtney? Courtney
the name Mark or Johnathon? Johnathon
Europe or Asia? Oh Europe!!! I would love to go to Europe. I'd go to England and see the homes of Jane Austen and all the other great writers and to all the places that I've read about, to France to get Delicious bread, to Ireland to see all the beautiful sights and hear Celtic Women and Celtic Thunder, to Scotland to see Sir Walter Scott's house (if it's still standing that it) and see if there's any places that Sir Robert the Bruce or William Wallace were known to have lived. Whew that would take me a couple of years at least to enjoy all of the beautiful old buildings to my hearts content so I guess I'll have to be contented with home now!:)
the number 7 or 2? Seven
carrots or celery? celery
broccoli or tomatoes? broccoli
IHOP or Denny's? IHOP
Papa John's or Dominoes? Papa John's
fruit or veggies? Fruit
salad or soup? soup

Random update-

I couldn't help but post this picture from when Levi was really little!

I thought it was high-time we update! I think we have kinda put this blog on the backburner, so I will try to start posting more often!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Books I've Read or Am Reading~

Here are a list of books I'm reading or have finished in the last few months.

Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis ~ I read this for school and learned so much from it. Its one of those books that you really have to pay close attention to so you will understand it! I particularly like the chapter on tithing. He was a very deep thinker.

Against the Tide by Hope Irvian Marston ~ I can's say enough about this book. They had such amazing faith.

In Freedom's Cause by H. A. Genty ~ I read this book for school too and I learned SO much from this book. It's about the fictional character of Sir Archibald Forbes as he grows up and fights with William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. I learned more about Scottish history in this one book than I learned anywhere else.

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott ~ I have to admit I hated this book when I started it the beginning of this school year. It was very boring but it has definatly become much more enjoyable!:) It's about Cedric the Saxon when England was under the rule of the Normans in the time that Prince John ruled over England while his brother King Richard the Lion Hearted was fighting in the crusades. Robin Hood, or as he is called in the book, Locksley is also involved.

The Brenden Voyage by Tim Severan ~ This is a story about a man who in the 1970's built a ship out of leather trying to prove that Saint Brenden's ancient stories of sailing in a leather boat accross the ocean might be true. This was a good book and it was part of my geography. I had a few parts with language in it.

Emily Post's Ettiquette by Peggy Post ~ I loved this book! It was very interesting!:) I really like the "Questions From Peggy" sections.

Mildred Keith by Martha Finley ~ I have read the A Life of Faith version of Millie and really enjoyed them but I found the originals at our church library (I was the first to check it out!;) I love to know I'm the first person to read a book!) and I like it a lot!

The Birth of Britain by Winston Churchill ~ This is one book for history that I don't think I will every be able to really love!:( It's just kind of boring. But it has taught me more about he history of Britain so I guess I can't say I hate it!:)

The History of English Literature for Boys and Girls by Eva March Tappen ~ This is about early account of English literature and their writers.

Emma by Jane Austen ~ I really like this book!:) It's my favorite of Jane Austen's novels although Emma gets on my nerves and I can't stand Miss Bates! She is SOOOO annoying! She will never be quiet. I can just see Jane Austen smiling as she wrote Miss Bates's conversations!:)

Those are all the books I've read in the last few monthes or am still reading. Hope you find a book in the list that you might read for yourself!
A. L.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Potty Training~

Our youngest brother is being potty trained right now. He has had an accident but really is doing well. He is extremely proud of himself when he potties and tells everyone. He calls his grandparents and gets as much praising as he wants from them!:D Then he flushes the potty and is rewarded chocolate. He is very happy with himself!:)