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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thanks Hannah!

1. I was born at home
2. I like to vacume
3. I have three younger brothers and soon to be a little sister!
4. My favorite color is pink!
5. I love to go to the beach!!
6. I like to watch old movies
7. I like to blog! : )
8. I like to read the Life of Faith books
9. My favorite food is fruit
10. I like antiques! : )
11. I enjoy being in the outdoors
12. I like to cook.
13. I hate a ugly dark green.
14. I like being tagged!!
15. I was born at home.
16. I like the atmosphere of a small town
17. I have a new bedspread to go on my old fashioned white bed!!
18. I enjoy being homeschooled.
20. This tag is really hard!
21. I love roses
22. I love a summer rain.
23. I hate to ride in the car in a thunder storm
24. I love to watch "18 kids and counting" (the duggar family)
25. I love my new house!!
26. I love the smell of pine trees
27. I love the smell of one of my hair brushes
28. I love to dance
29. I love the "Love Comes Softly" movies
30. I like to decorate.
31. I love windows without screens!
32. I like to wear my hair in brades
33. I love old fashioned things
34. I would love to take Cake decorating classes
35. I enjoy sleeping
36. I love to swim
37. I love it that Hannah Tagged me!
38. I love babies!!
39. I don't like to spend money
40. I love Ice cream
41. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
42. I love the sound of violin music
43. I love my new room and kitchen!
44. I am really looking forward to meeting my new sister!
45. I love to hear the sound of a train.
46. I love the peach cobbler my sister made tonight
47. I like to wear dresses to church.
48. I like to post random things about myself!
49. my middle name is Caroline
50. I reached the end!!

I am done! Wow, that is one hard tag!!

I tage-

Aunt Monica and Carrinton@
Aunt Karen @

Thanks Hannah!!



Bug said...

Wow! That was interesting! It looked hard though!

Abigail and Lydia said...

Oh, it was!!

Eliza said...

Could you post some pictures of your new room when you get moved in and everything?


Bug said...

Ha Ha! I asked the same thing!

Abigail and Lydia said...

Sure Eliza!!

hannahbearsblog said...

Lydia Caroline!lol.

I love your middle name, it's beautiful! It knda rminds me of P&P!

Your welcome, I like tagging you girls.

I heard you moved, is that true?

I can't wait to see pictures of you baby sister!!!! When id your moms due-date?
Miss Hannah