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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodbye For This Week

The packers are here. Wow, today has been so busy and tomorrow and the next weeks will be even busier!
We've only lived here for a year and a half but some memorable things have have happened. Lily Kate was born here and this was also the place that I learned to drive. Its a very pretty town and we're going to miss the great library, picking blueberries, and all the pretty houses.

So goodbye, little town, you've been a good home for us. On to new things in a completley new area.
I'm so ready to get out of this humidity and heat. And I won't miss the misquitoes or gnats either!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Just Finished the Longest Book I Ever Read

I finished this book a few months ago and this post has been sitting in my draft section for finishing touches. ;)
I finished one of the best books a little over an hour ago, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler, Melanie Hamilton, Ashley Wilkes, Ellen and Gerald O'Hara, Mamie, Aunt Pittypat and all the other characters that are depicted in the classic American story set in the time of the Civil War. Although these characters had had many faults the story is timeless and the characters are very real. This was the longest book I ever read, 1,448 pages, I started in September and finished this evening.

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Scarlett, she was dreadfully wrong but the one admirable quality was gumption. She had such a love for her land, Georgia, and her home, Tara.

The thing I like most about Gone With the Wind: I loved learning about the Civil War, the Reconstruction that terrorized the people, and the love for the South. I loved learning about the etiquette and the way of the times. For instance, a relatives would come for a Christmas visit and stay until July!

The thing that I most disliked about it: I disliked the relationship between Scarlett and Ashley.

My favorite character: Melanie. In the movie she was seemed a bit of a "Miss Goody-two-shoes" but I loved her in the book. She was such a gentle, Christian lady. "A very great lady" as Rhett called her. He also observed, "She never had any strength, she was all heart." She loved her family and her home, never saw a fault in anyone even if it was under her nose. She devotedly loved Scarlett, she loved and cared for anyone in her pathway.

My least favorite character: Ashley Wilkes. He was weak, and he never stood up to Scarlett
Scarlett O'Hara: Head-strong, selfish, beautiful, and full of iron will. She wouldn't let anything keep her down.
Rhett Butler: Charming, cynical, and full of common sense.
Ashley Wilkes: A gentleman of the old class, full of honor and always wishing for the old days before the war. He didn't know how to live after the war, he was weak.
Melanie Hamilton Wilkes: Kind, gentle, always thinking the best of everybody. She was a much loved lady in Atlanta. Weak of body but strong of spirit.
Mammy: The great main-stay of Scarlett and the household of Tara. A devoted and much treasured friend. She had taken care of Ellen and had taken care of Scarlett since the day of her birth.
Gerald O'Hara: Fiery and lovable and with an Irish temper, he loved horses and he loved Ellen.
Ellen O'Hara: The mother of Scarlett and her sisters Suellen and Careen. A true southern lady.

I love the movie, it's one of my favorites, but the book is better. The book has inappropriate parts but because I know the story so well I was able to skip over those sections so if you read it that's what I would recommend. Otherwise, it's a great, great story.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Black Puffy Jacket, Paul Bunyan Shirt, and Other Fashionables that a word? Maybe not but I'll use it anyway.
We went to one of our favorite stores a couple weeks ago. It's a very chic consignment shop with clothes, shoes, jewelry, home decor and a lot more. I found a lot of great things and thought I would share them with you! 
If the clothes look wrinkled it's because they had been laying in bags for a few days!
I found a great pair of skinny jeans. They're so cute! The knee area looks so worn in this pic but it really isn't. I don't know what the deal was. ;)
Here are the gray dress pants a bought. They have nice flowy pant legs.
Before you shudder at my taste in clothes I want you to know that this is actually cute! When I first put on this top I felt like a cross between Paul Bunyan and a clown! But this is a nice homey shirt. I have a belt that I will wear with it and it has an eclectic look. It minimizes the fact that it's too big and too long. But it was $2! And btw in this photo it's wrinkled. I didn't feel like ironing it. ;P
This sweater looks cuter on than off. It looks a little square here but it isn't 
This is just one of those shirts that you always need to have in your closet. Basic and simple for an everyday outfit.
I was quite happy with this jacket. It's just so cute! My favorite part are the big buttons.
This was my favorite piece beside the jeans. It's delightfully puffy in the middle and fitting in the sleeves, just the way it should be. It's stylish and it's also in my favorite color!
This looks a little droopy on the hanger but I was getting a slew of mosquitoes bites so if the picture looked decent I went with it. ;) I don't have any tops this color so it will be something new.

So I would like to know what are your favorite stores? Are there any trend that you really like right now? Have you been shopping for fall clothes yet? I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swimming, Visiting, Cooking, Walking, Singing

Did I mention that we are moving? Yep, we are. We're a little overwhelmed but excited. :D
These are from the trip to our grandparents last week. My grandpa's older sister was there. I hadn't seen her in two years or so and it was so much fun visiting with her! She was so sweet and is in incredible shape!
Lily Kate really loved the pool. I don't get it, she hollers so loudly when she gets a bath but she laughed and giggled in the pool!:)
This is my great Aunt Emily. She is going to celebrate her 93ed birthday this November. She has travelled all over the world. She's been all over Europe and also went to South Africa. Ireland was her favorite. She said the people were really nice and the food was great.
Lily Kate loved her.
Here's Levi with his whistle
Titus right after he lost one his top teeth. He lost another one this morning! That's 3 in six days. He looks so cute.
Lily Kate, Titus, and the back of Clayton's head. ;)
Aunt Monica, Pa, Aunt Emily, and my mom
I had to get a picture of each of the boys on top of my shoulders. I took like I'm really in pain!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Titus and His Teeth

I have a long post coming with tons of pictures from this week but first I have to do a post about Titus.

Titus lost one of his front teeth yesterday. Today he lost the second one.
I pulled it for him. It was the first tooth other than my own that I have ever pulled!

Titus wanted me to pull it. It took a litte tug but he hardly flinched. I told him he was very brave! *wink*

His biggest concern was how he looked without it.

He was really afraid he looked funny.

We assured him that he looked cute...and he does too!

I'll have to take a close up picture of him but I liked this one from the pool.

And another thing, I'm really glad that I've lost all my teeth. I don't miss the process of pulling them!:D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ring Me Up

I got a really interesting book from the library yesterday. It's entitled "The Travelers' Guide to European Customs and Manners: How to converse, dine, tip, drive, bargain, make Friends and Conduct Business while in Europe" by Nancy Braganti and Elizabeth Devine
Here are some things I learned, they are either actual quotations from the book or they may be expressed in my own words. :)
In England:
Good topics of conversations are: the city your visiting; history; architecture; gardening; and the positive aspects of the British role in world affairs, both past and present.
Also note that instead of saying that they're going to "call someone" they say that they're going to "ring up".

In Ireland:
The people love to talk and will make you feel welcome within minutes-seconds if they find out your of Irish decent.
Irish drivers tend to ignore the lines separating lanes, and in the country they often drive down the center of the road.
Keep in mind that the Irish are not very time conscious and may not be punctual for an appointment. Someone who offers to meet you in five minutes will be more likely turn up in half an hour.
It's rarely warm enough to wear shorts in Ireland.
Don't worry about offending anyone in Ireland by using the wrong fork or forgetting to shake hands. The Irish have survived blows more severe than than a lapse in protocol.
In the Netherlands:
Don't chew gum or have your hands in your pockets when you speak to someone.
Also, in a store a clerk waits on one customer at a time and even escorts them to the door. Never interrupt a store clerk even if your in a big hurry.
Coffee is a really popular drink in the Netherlands. Every year one restaurant is awarded with having the best in the country.
In France:
If you are shopping in a French market never handle the produce. The vendor will fill your order and will not appreciate you squeezing his produce.
The French are generally modest and may not take a compliment in the way that you would expect.
The French are well informed in the history of other European countries.
They love table conversation and may spend hours talking together at dinner.
In Germany:
There are no speed limits on highways!
Be punctual, they consider this very important.

There are many countries covered in this book but I've only read these sections so far. I would love to visit these countries and I like learning how an American ought to act in them.
One other thing, you need to avoid the American greeting "Hi"- "Hello" is more appropriate!

If you live or have visited a country other than the US I would love to learn about it. What were your favorite things about it? What were the things that you didn't like? What was the food like? The people? The cars? What things did you find interesting?

If you are like those of us who have never set foot out of the United States where would you like to visit and why? So "ring me up" and share your stories!:D