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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swimming, Visiting, Cooking, Walking, Singing

Did I mention that we are moving? Yep, we are. We're a little overwhelmed but excited. :D
These are from the trip to our grandparents last week. My grandpa's older sister was there. I hadn't seen her in two years or so and it was so much fun visiting with her! She was so sweet and is in incredible shape!
Lily Kate really loved the pool. I don't get it, she hollers so loudly when she gets a bath but she laughed and giggled in the pool!:)
This is my great Aunt Emily. She is going to celebrate her 93ed birthday this November. She has travelled all over the world. She's been all over Europe and also went to South Africa. Ireland was her favorite. She said the people were really nice and the food was great.
Lily Kate loved her.
Here's Levi with his whistle
Titus right after he lost one his top teeth. He lost another one this morning! That's 3 in six days. He looks so cute.
Lily Kate, Titus, and the back of Clayton's head. ;)
Aunt Monica, Pa, Aunt Emily, and my mom
I had to get a picture of each of the boys on top of my shoulders. I took like I'm really in pain!

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Olivia Coy said...

How fun! Your great aunt looks like she's only mid 70's!