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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Lahni

Lahni and I were born a day apart. Her birthday is September 30th and mine is October 1st. We follow each others blog and thought that it would be really fun to do posts in honor if each other.

I've never known anyone who was born so close to me! Sixteen years ago your mom had you and my mom was waiting on me to arrive. I was six days late so she was getting really impatient!:)

Lahni's blog is Dance...Even When it Rains go wish her a happy birthday!

We asked each other questions about our birthdays and we're going to post them on each others blogs. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday Lahni! Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!

1) The best birthday gift I ever got was-an early birthday gift, a couple of weeks ago actually, A CAR!!!
2)The weirdest gift I ever got was- a pack of cake candles from my friend
3)My favorite birthday memory was- last year and my Friends and I just had a bunch of fun being wild and crazy,haha.
4)I was born at exactly-was I am not sure about that one
5)A special birthday tradition I have- Is really just having a birthday party with all of my friends and family...nothing too interesting,lol
6)I feel GREAT about turning sixteen, I feel like sixteen is like the next step in being an adult...your not a young teenager, you are a kinda old teenager...i don't know if this makes sense, but I just Can't wait!
7) 5 years from now-i would like to be pursuing my career at Asbury University of being majoring in either christian youth ministry or christian counseling and minoring as a missionary.
8)goals while sixteen-pass my permit and driving test.haha.,grow in my relationship with God,friends,and family.
9)favorite thing to do on my birthday-hmmmm...i would say spend time with my friends...this weekend i am having a campout with all of my friends,super excited!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous

 We have a fabulous cheesecake recipe. Its from William Sonoma's cookbook "Desserts". I was going to have that as my birthday cake and so was Lydia. But unfortunately I forgot to bring the cookbook when we packed and no where on the Internet could I find the recipe. So we had to come up with a plan B.

There are recipes all over the Internet. Some looked great and some did not. I found one on that sounded fab. But...the ingredients. They can make your draw drop.

1/4 cup butter
1 pk Oreos

2 1/2 c sugar
43 oz. cream cheese (oh my word)
5 lg eggs
32 oz. Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate (almost three bags)
20 oz. sour cream
1 tb. vanilla
2 tb. ground chocolate
Our pan wasn't big enough. We had to bake some in a separate dish. It kind of rose, the sides didn't burn but when I edited the picture it looked like it was black.

It was delightfully fluffy

 Pour in the chocolate
 Viloa! Decadent Chocolate Cheesecake

Would anyone like some? We'd be happy to give it to you because we're sick of it. A few bites are enough.

My birthday is this Friday. I'm having plain chocolate sheet cake with ice cream. No more cheesecake for a while. haha

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A really fun night...

 Last Friday I went to my second cousin Emily's wedding. It was beautiful and so much fun! Her dress was gorgeous, and I loved her flowers. This was a picture we took before the wedding. me, Carrington, Aunt Monica, Aunt Emily's the bride's mom (she looked SO pretty, I liked her dress a lot), my grandma, Emily (don't you like her pearls?:) my mom, and Lydia.
 Here's my mom and aunt. They both looked so stylish that night.
 We had a lot of fun that night
Here's the bride and groom during the reception. Lydia, Carrington, Clayton, Aunt Monica, and I danced. My grandpa danced with me too. I'll post some more pictures but I have to go now.

My birthday is 6 days away! I always have a countdown going leading up to October 1st. Notice my new playlist on the sidebar. :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, You're Thirteen!

Today is Lydia's birthday, she is now a teenager! I hope that you have a wonderful day! You are really special! I wrote this little poem but the rhythm is a little off in some places but just pretend that it's great! haha

I remember the day I first saw you,
And the moment my eyes saw your face
You were wrapped up all sung as a bug in a rug
And in my heart you filled a great place.

I was Ab and you were Lou
And we were friends from then on, me and you
We dressed up and played,
Fought, argued, and made,
The perfect match, you and I, me and you

We played maids and mothers,
But we both had our druthers
And each of us wanted the best part,
So I would whine and you would beg
And all of this led
To arguing between me and you,
The perfect match, you and I, Ab and Lou

We shared a bed,
We shared a room,
We shared everything but our spoon
But I’m glad it got to be that way
Because now I’m about to say,
That because of this and because of that
We became great friends just like that

We do lots of things together, me and you
I create, dance, and sing, with my Liddy Lou
“Take Me Home” and “Dream”
And songs such as that
Though sometimes we both act like a rat,
But we’re the perfect match, you and I, me and you

Today is your birthday, today you’re thirteen!
And you’ve grown into quite the teenage dream
You’re loving and giving, fun and kind
And in your teen years I hope that you find
That your dreams are big, and your peace is in
Christ Jesus your Lord from beginning to end

Happy Birthday Sweet Thirteen
I hope this year is really a dream!!! J

Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Beautiful, Beautiful" The Dance

This summer our friends down the street came over to practice ballet. We thought it would be fun to choreograph a dance together and we decided that Francesca Battistelli's "Beautiful, Beautiful" would be a fun song to use. I thought it would be fun if Lydia choreographed it because our styles of choreography are vastly different and I think she's really good! So after many weeks of practicing here's the finished dance! Oh, and by the way if you would like to leave a comment on YouTube we wouldn't mind *hint, hint* haha. But I hope that you like the dance. I tried uploading the video to Blogger but after several hours it still hadn't finished so my only other option was uploading it to YouTube.

The ending is kind of weird because I don't think we were all in the same position but I thought Lydia was funny. I don't know what Gabe did but I don't think she like it. :D

We had issues with the bright light coming from the window. We shut the blind but it didn't help much. Who ever stood in front of it looked like they were glowing!

So Ansley and Ashlyn, if you read this I want to thank you for coming over this summer and dancing with us. It was really fun! I'm so glad that we got to do it together.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Check out Hutch5 to enter a giveaway she's hosting! She's giving away some really cool stuff like gift certificates to Etsy, Borders, and iTunes. Also lotion, a book, DVD, and some other things. Go check it out. :)
I hope I win one of the prizes. I always say one day I'm going to win something really big because I have never, ever won any sweepstakes or giveaways. But I'll keep on trying!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Wonderful Week

I'm finally sitting down to post pictures from this past week. On the way to our new home we spent a week at a gorgeous state park. We had a blast!
This beautiful water fall is also home to the only moon bow in the western hemisphere! It was breathtaking!
Daddy and Lily Kate hiking a trail through the mountain. She enjoyed herself.
Here we are with our ice cream cones on Saturday.
I'm going to do a nice long post soon but I'm heading out the door at the moment so this will have to do for now!