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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Lahni

Lahni and I were born a day apart. Her birthday is September 30th and mine is October 1st. We follow each others blog and thought that it would be really fun to do posts in honor if each other.

I've never known anyone who was born so close to me! Sixteen years ago your mom had you and my mom was waiting on me to arrive. I was six days late so she was getting really impatient!:)

Lahni's blog is Dance...Even When it Rains go wish her a happy birthday!

We asked each other questions about our birthdays and we're going to post them on each others blogs. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday Lahni! Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!

1) The best birthday gift I ever got was-an early birthday gift, a couple of weeks ago actually, A CAR!!!
2)The weirdest gift I ever got was- a pack of cake candles from my friend
3)My favorite birthday memory was- last year and my Friends and I just had a bunch of fun being wild and crazy,haha.
4)I was born at exactly-was I am not sure about that one
5)A special birthday tradition I have- Is really just having a birthday party with all of my friends and family...nothing too interesting,lol
6)I feel GREAT about turning sixteen, I feel like sixteen is like the next step in being an adult...your not a young teenager, you are a kinda old teenager...i don't know if this makes sense, but I just Can't wait!
7) 5 years from now-i would like to be pursuing my career at Asbury University of being majoring in either christian youth ministry or christian counseling and minoring as a missionary.
8)goals while sixteen-pass my permit and driving test.haha.,grow in my relationship with God,friends,and family.
9)favorite thing to do on my birthday-hmmmm...i would say spend time with my friends...this weekend i am having a campout with all of my friends,super excited!


lahni said...

Thanks Abigail!!!I'm sixteen!Only hours until you are!

hannahlouise said...

happy birthday for october 1st! I turned 15 yesterday (sept 30).