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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

America: They Made It!

People thought they'd never make it,
This country wouldn't last
"They'll be wishing for a monarchy
Before a year has passed."
But little did they know of this people and the dreams,
That molded us together like an ocean from many streams.

This country was a strong one,
The people in it stronger,
And if it rocks with pain today,
It will rise up strong tomorrow.

They worked to build a nation,
A nation like no other,
Build it up as great as Rome,
But not see it go asunder.
They worked with minds and bodies,
With diligence and love,
They prayed for guidance and for strength,
To the Lord God up above.

They fought for the life they loved,
And for all posterity,
Through the times that followed those,
A homeland like no other rose.
In the eyes of the world America was,
The land where freedom rings!
And across the border and on all sides,
People wished to bring,
Their lives and fortune
To this land of many dreams,
Where liberty was the stitching that was woven between the seams.

We never will forget
The pioneers of old,
Who crossed the wide expansive prairie
To see what the West would hold.
From the rugged mountain men who travelled far with Boone,
To the Donner Party who ended up in misery and doom.

Betsy from Pike and her husband Ike
Travelled though he Alkali,
And many went through sorrow and sweat,
To reach the land that lies,
To the west, farther west,
Where their greatest joy supplies.

From the Ingalls in their wagon that rattled over land,
To the Indians in their wigwams where the Smokey Mountains stand,
From the minors digging gold in the California sands,
We're a people who build ideals
That are strong, large, and grand.
Then Liberty took wing and flew across the land.

They endured hardship, sweat, death, and pain,
And spent their lifetime building again.
They pushed hard and then pushed harder,
They bore it all and then went farther,
Than any people hither too,
Then they watched the country as it grew.

From the blood of a Georgian who laid in the clay,
Shot during one long horrible day,
To the blood of a sailor captured in the war,
In the year 1812 that was filled with bloody gore,
They're a people who will fight and until they finally win,
Or die for the love of their country, kith, or kin.

What a heritage they gave us,
What sacrifice and love,
Do you take it all for granted?
Do you thank the One above?
Does the story fill you with great pride?
Of how our people fought and died?
Giving us this land we own?
This America they built,
One stone by stone?

Never forget their story,
Never forget their pain,
Never forget our wonderful, glorious, great gain,
They did it for you,
They did it for me,
They did for all their posterity!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunshine Days

Lately we've had incredibly hot weather and thick humidity. I always make a point to start running before 8:30 because once the humidity and heat sets in it unbearable. Besides the heat I love summer. I laid out yesterday and today and got a little pink. I get pink before I get brown. :)
During our photo shoot she got a little cranky.
Baseball is over for the boys but I thought that this photo had a summery feel
Titus's charming grin. He's a little Romeo
Gabe, Clayton, and Titus cooling off in the "pool". They emptied the sand out of the sandbox and filled it up with water. Necessity is the mother of invention after all!
Lovely Lily Kate.
Isn't she the coolest beach bunny?:D

Monday, June 21, 2010

Anniversary Cake

This past Friday was my parents 17th wedding anniversary. This was my gift for them.
This was the first three layered cake I've attempted. It was so hard to keep them from finding out! I baked two layers of chocolate cake on Friday night when they were out. I was rushing around like a mad woman trying to get them in the oven and also get the frosting made before they got back. I found some very interesting hiding places to store pans of cake!
I mixed up the batter for the yellow cake in our school room off the kitchen. I smuggled things in and out of there without either of them realizing it. I was really surprised! ;)
I was so upset because when I started frosting it crumbs were going everywhere. That's the reason why the middle layer looks the way it does. I pipped icing up the sides with a flat tip to cover the ugliness up. ;)
This cake has been reduced to crumbled pieces. It's kind of funny to think that you spend so much time and energy on something to make it look good and then cut into it!:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Small Town USA

The other day we went to go pick up our produce at our coop in a another town. I thought it was quaint small town with a pretty town square. And apparently there's an unwritten rule that says that bloggers can't leave the house without their camera so we had ours! This was my favorite picture. It was a beautiful day so the lighting was great.
With the crossprocess on picnik the fire hydrant turned into a blinding shade of red!
This building was a lot cooler in person than in this picture. I had to snap a quick shot before we passed it.
You need to click on the picture to view it larger. We were really laughing after I took this. I didn't exactly mean to get the gentleman in the picture but I did and he's there to stay! He just looks like he's from a southern small town, he fits right in. :P
Nice black and white picture
The top of the town hall. The clock is my favorite. :)

HaPpY SuMmEr!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Are You On the Sunny Side of the Street?

Grab your coat and get your hat
Leave your worries on the doorstep
And just direct your feet
to the sunny side of the street

Can't you hear the pitter pat?
And that happy tune in your step
Life can be so sweet
 On the sunny side of the street

I use to walk in the shade
With my blues on parade
But now I'm not afraid
'Cause this rover is crossed over

If I never have a cent
I'll be as rich as Rockefeller
They'll be gold dust at my feet
On the sunny side of the street

I use to walk in the shade
With my blues on parade
but now I'm not afraid
'Cause this rover is crossed over

If I never have a cent
I'll be as rich as Rockefeller
They'll be gold dust at my feet
On the sunny, on the sunny side of the street

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Days in Photos

This week we had planned to visit our grandparents because it was my grandma's birthday. But we ended up visiting her in the hospital because her doctor was concerned with her kidney function. She had some tests done in the hospital and she ended up being put on dialysis. I know she would greatly appreciate your prayers right now. Please pray that she won't be discouraged and that her kidneys will start working better. We're really pryaing that this will make her feel better. Anyway, Lydia and I each spent the night in the hospital with her and we actually had a good time, you wouldn't think that a visit in the hospital would be fun but it was. :) I think it encouraged her to have us there for company and I'm really glad we got to have that time with her. I took some games and we played those while we watched Anne of Green Gables. She told me some funny stories and even though we didn't go to bed until late it was enjoyable.
I thought this was a hilarious picture of TyTy. If he sees this I know he will be mad at me. But it was just so cute! So hopefully......he won't see. ;)
Lydia, hair flying, jumping into the air in a cannonball.
I had a really crazy look on my face in this pic. I couldn't believe that she got such a good shot! Mama said, "Do a straddle and let me get a picture", she got a perfect shot on the first try!
Daddy with Lily Kate. She absolutley adores him. He calls her "Baby Girl" most of the time. She is his little princess!
It was so hot at Gabe's last baseball game on Monday. I held Lily Kate and she played with the necklace I was wearing. She likes to fiddle with string, tags, and jewlery, she pulls my earrings out sometimes too. :)
We dropped by our cousins house on the way to BooBoo and Pa's and McKenzie took this picture of us three in their front yard. She is really creative with the camera. I thought this was a beautiful picture with all the foliage around us. Thanks for taking this Mckenzie. Mckenzie and I have nicknames for each other, she's Lizzie and I'm Jane. We both love Pride and Prejudice and we started signing our e-mails with those names about two years ago. They've stuck.

Note: Some of the pictures are cut off and I tried to make them smaller but it wouldn't work. Sorry about that! ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have You Ever Danced In a Train Station?

Flash mobs...are they a new fad? You can find videos of them all over YouTube. They take place in train stations, malls, food courts, and baseball stadiums. This video is one of my favorites.

I think it looks like so much fun! I want to join in. :) I just wouldn't want to be the one that had to start dancing first.:) I would feel like a dork. But it really does look like great fun.

I can think of a lot of songs that would be fun to do. Pieces from musicals like Singin in the Rain would be neat.

So maybe I can come up with a group of people and start dancing and singing in the middle of the mall. I'm really just kidding.:) Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be.:( It would be one thing if you had 200 other people with you but....

Anyway, did you enjoy this video? Would you like to join a flash mob? Drop me a comment and maybe we can work something out...LOL :D

Monday, June 7, 2010

An Award and A Tag

Apples, Oranges, or bananas? Oranges
How many siblings do you have? 5
How old are you? 15 years, 8 months, and 6 days
Do you live in/on a swamp, woodland, prarie, or city? no
Sissors or glue? sissors
Describe your dream house? I like a variety of different styles but I think the white colonial style is georgeous
Is your room clean? Yes, pretty much
If you could be a movie character for a day who would you be? Posy Fossil. I would love to be the prodigy dancer from Ballet Shoes for a day and be taught by Madame Fidolia
Would you like to visit Italy, Greece, France, Spain, or England? England, it would be my pick hands down
What denomination are you? I wasn't expecting that question!:) Baptist
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal (BE HONEST!) No
Gum, chocolate, or jelly beans? Dark chocolate
What is your favorite book? Do Hard Things, Emma, An Old-Fashioned Girl, How the Heather Looks
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Rocky Road and Heavenly Hash
If you had to eat on food for two weeks what would it be? Marinated Vegetable Salad
What is your favorite Olympic sport? In the summer its Gymnastics and in winter Figure Skating
If you woke up one morning and found out that you were Miley Cirus what would you do? (Note:I'm not a Miley Cirus fan) Well since the person who wrote this is not a fan I would say that I'd check in the mirror and see if my hair was brown or blonde and then I would sing The Climb see how it felt.
Describe yourself in three words: Creative, Reliable, Imagninative
What chore do you hate? Cleaning the shower
If Elmo came into your room with a gun what would you do? Elmo has a gun? I would think I was in the middle of a dream after eating something strange late at night.

I award this too:
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If you are one of the "tagged" people
1) Mention the award on your blog
2)Award 10 bloggers
3)Let them know that you awarded them
4)Answer the questions on your blog

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Favorite Summer Show Starts Now!

We started watching this show last season. Its a show our whole family likes. My dad really loves cooking and I do too so Food Network is great! Last season Melissa D'Arabian won, she was my favorite, and I can't wait to see who the contestants are this season. I bought this months issue of Food Network magazine and read the bios of the contestants but I'm looking forward to seeing them cook and perform. The first episode is always interesting because it's their first time in front of the judges--and the camera!

So do you watch this show? If you do who was your favorite from last season and who would you like to see win this year?

Do you have a show that your family watches every summer? I would love to hear what it is!:) 

It's starts in exactly 29 minutes. I'm ready for the two hour season premiere!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

They Just Didn't Turn Out As Planned

Most of the time only the good pictures end up on the blog. Although a lot of the pictures that I take are not what I'm looking for. Here are some of the pictures that have been taken by us that are flukes, or they're ugly, or there just plain bad!
                                                                                                           Mid blink                            
Sometimes we just have to let some of our grief out!

She was being silly here. She smeared on the lipstick, put eyes shadow on, and drew such big wings on her eyes that it looks like she's about to fly away!
I hope she won't mind me posting this!;)