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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

America: They Made It!

People thought they'd never make it,
This country wouldn't last
"They'll be wishing for a monarchy
Before a year has passed."
But little did they know of this people and the dreams,
That molded us together like an ocean from many streams.

This country was a strong one,
The people in it stronger,
And if it rocks with pain today,
It will rise up strong tomorrow.

They worked to build a nation,
A nation like no other,
Build it up as great as Rome,
But not see it go asunder.
They worked with minds and bodies,
With diligence and love,
They prayed for guidance and for strength,
To the Lord God up above.

They fought for the life they loved,
And for all posterity,
Through the times that followed those,
A homeland like no other rose.
In the eyes of the world America was,
The land where freedom rings!
And across the border and on all sides,
People wished to bring,
Their lives and fortune
To this land of many dreams,
Where liberty was the stitching that was woven between the seams.

We never will forget
The pioneers of old,
Who crossed the wide expansive prairie
To see what the West would hold.
From the rugged mountain men who travelled far with Boone,
To the Donner Party who ended up in misery and doom.

Betsy from Pike and her husband Ike
Travelled though he Alkali,
And many went through sorrow and sweat,
To reach the land that lies,
To the west, farther west,
Where their greatest joy supplies.

From the Ingalls in their wagon that rattled over land,
To the Indians in their wigwams where the Smokey Mountains stand,
From the minors digging gold in the California sands,
We're a people who build ideals
That are strong, large, and grand.
Then Liberty took wing and flew across the land.

They endured hardship, sweat, death, and pain,
And spent their lifetime building again.
They pushed hard and then pushed harder,
They bore it all and then went farther,
Than any people hither too,
Then they watched the country as it grew.

From the blood of a Georgian who laid in the clay,
Shot during one long horrible day,
To the blood of a sailor captured in the war,
In the year 1812 that was filled with bloody gore,
They're a people who will fight and until they finally win,
Or die for the love of their country, kith, or kin.

What a heritage they gave us,
What sacrifice and love,
Do you take it all for granted?
Do you thank the One above?
Does the story fill you with great pride?
Of how our people fought and died?
Giving us this land we own?
This America they built,
One stone by stone?

Never forget their story,
Never forget their pain,
Never forget our wonderful, glorious, great gain,
They did it for you,
They did it for me,
They did for all their posterity!

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Carri said...

Hi Abigail!! Nice pitures! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!