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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Days in Photos

This week we had planned to visit our grandparents because it was my grandma's birthday. But we ended up visiting her in the hospital because her doctor was concerned with her kidney function. She had some tests done in the hospital and she ended up being put on dialysis. I know she would greatly appreciate your prayers right now. Please pray that she won't be discouraged and that her kidneys will start working better. We're really pryaing that this will make her feel better. Anyway, Lydia and I each spent the night in the hospital with her and we actually had a good time, you wouldn't think that a visit in the hospital would be fun but it was. :) I think it encouraged her to have us there for company and I'm really glad we got to have that time with her. I took some games and we played those while we watched Anne of Green Gables. She told me some funny stories and even though we didn't go to bed until late it was enjoyable.
I thought this was a hilarious picture of TyTy. If he sees this I know he will be mad at me. But it was just so cute! So hopefully......he won't see. ;)
Lydia, hair flying, jumping into the air in a cannonball.
I had a really crazy look on my face in this pic. I couldn't believe that she got such a good shot! Mama said, "Do a straddle and let me get a picture", she got a perfect shot on the first try!
Daddy with Lily Kate. She absolutley adores him. He calls her "Baby Girl" most of the time. She is his little princess!
It was so hot at Gabe's last baseball game on Monday. I held Lily Kate and she played with the necklace I was wearing. She likes to fiddle with string, tags, and jewlery, she pulls my earrings out sometimes too. :)
We dropped by our cousins house on the way to BooBoo and Pa's and McKenzie took this picture of us three in their front yard. She is really creative with the camera. I thought this was a beautiful picture with all the foliage around us. Thanks for taking this Mckenzie. Mckenzie and I have nicknames for each other, she's Lizzie and I'm Jane. We both love Pride and Prejudice and we started signing our e-mails with those names about two years ago. They've stuck.

Note: Some of the pictures are cut off and I tried to make them smaller but it wouldn't work. Sorry about that! ;)

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Olivia Coy said...

You girls are just sooo beautiful & have some of the cutest clothes.