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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have You Ever Danced In a Train Station?

Flash mobs...are they a new fad? You can find videos of them all over YouTube. They take place in train stations, malls, food courts, and baseball stadiums. This video is one of my favorites.

I think it looks like so much fun! I want to join in. :) I just wouldn't want to be the one that had to start dancing first.:) I would feel like a dork. But it really does look like great fun.

I can think of a lot of songs that would be fun to do. Pieces from musicals like Singin in the Rain would be neat.

So maybe I can come up with a group of people and start dancing and singing in the middle of the mall. I'm really just kidding.:) Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be.:( It would be one thing if you had 200 other people with you but....

Anyway, did you enjoy this video? Would you like to join a flash mob? Drop me a comment and maybe we can work something out...LOL :D


Olivia Coy said...

If I could dance, I think that it would be totally awesome!!!!

lahni said...

I don't know anyone that close in age to me either!That's pretty cool!I'm glad someone agrees with me about the banana as well think they are gross when they are mushy!I would totally love to dance in an airport or something too...haha!Embarassing, but I'm sure it would be awesome.(:Hope you are having a great summer!

Eliza Grace said...

I wonder how they all knew what to do, and how they all knew the dance. Thats really weird, and funny. :)