Faith is Not Believing that God can, It's Knowing that He Will


Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Titus's Way With Words, HeHe!

Our grandparents came to visit us last week and we had such a good time together!:) I would have posted sooner but our cousins are here and we have been busy!:) I will post pictures soon of their visit but I wanted to tell a little about it here. Meamaw and Titus had some very interesting conversations. Here are tidbits of some,

Titus: "Why is your hair white?"

Meamaw: "Because we're old. Your Daddy's getting a little bit of white hair."

Titus: "Is he old?"

Meamaw: "A little bit"

Titus: "I'm going to miss him when he dies."

We had just finished breakfast in which we had grits when Titus remarked,
"Pawpaw your hairs as white as grits!"

Priceless!!! Haha!:)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Reason I haven't posted and some other Nonsense~

The reason I haven't posted is because all our Internet, phone, and cable have been out since last week. They were turned on again yesterday morning. Yeah!

I wanted to share with all of my readers about the trials of shopping. Every year we have the same battle. New clothes. I still have two pairs of shorts from last year and some shirts too but I really needed new church clothes. And begins. Females have a very difficult time buying clothes. Well, at least I do. I'm tall and thin so I would always have to wear pants that didn't really fit very well until I got into the juniors and discovered the joy of having jeans that were not tight but also not baggy in the rear end area. Well anyway we start looking. Very seldom if every do I find something that I really like in the first store I look in. We looked at JC Penny and Belk and didn't find anything and we were complaining about it. Everything is so short! Dresses come way above the knee and I really don't like that. My dad heard and said he was going to take me shopping. We went to Kohl's last night and Levi was begging to come along too so we went and my dad took Levi and went to look for himself a new shirt for Easter and I went hunting among the racks in my area. I found several white blouses that I liked and a white skirt and another skirt that was a black and white pattern. I liked the white one with one of the blouses. I showed them to my dad but he thought it was to much white. And it was so I ended up getting the white skirt with a blue blouse and I'm happy with it. My dad was wondering why I always get black and white. I just really like them together!=) And so Easter shopping is through and I'm glad about it. And really it's not the outfit that counts, or the meal you have, or the weather of the day, although it always is cold!=) It's about celebrating Jesus and his resurrection. He's living and we are washed clean from all our wrongs and sins. He is risen just as he said. Now this post really did not have as much nonsense in it as I had thought. Well maybe the first part but not the part about Easter.