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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Titus's Way With Words, HeHe!

Our grandparents came to visit us last week and we had such a good time together!:) I would have posted sooner but our cousins are here and we have been busy!:) I will post pictures soon of their visit but I wanted to tell a little about it here. Meamaw and Titus had some very interesting conversations. Here are tidbits of some,

Titus: "Why is your hair white?"

Meamaw: "Because we're old. Your Daddy's getting a little bit of white hair."

Titus: "Is he old?"

Meamaw: "A little bit"

Titus: "I'm going to miss him when he dies."

We had just finished breakfast in which we had grits when Titus remarked,
"Pawpaw your hairs as white as grits!"

Priceless!!! Haha!:)


~Eliza said...

That is funny!
I would love to see pictures!


Carrington said...
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McKenzie Elizabeth said...

What a mess! He is so funny! The little ones can say some of the funniest things!

Gran said...

Titus is a mess. I think his "wheels" are always turning. We are looking forward to coming down soon. Love - Grandma