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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Black Puffy Jacket, Paul Bunyan Shirt, and Other Fashionables that a word? Maybe not but I'll use it anyway.
We went to one of our favorite stores a couple weeks ago. It's a very chic consignment shop with clothes, shoes, jewelry, home decor and a lot more. I found a lot of great things and thought I would share them with you! 
If the clothes look wrinkled it's because they had been laying in bags for a few days!
I found a great pair of skinny jeans. They're so cute! The knee area looks so worn in this pic but it really isn't. I don't know what the deal was. ;)
Here are the gray dress pants a bought. They have nice flowy pant legs.
Before you shudder at my taste in clothes I want you to know that this is actually cute! When I first put on this top I felt like a cross between Paul Bunyan and a clown! But this is a nice homey shirt. I have a belt that I will wear with it and it has an eclectic look. It minimizes the fact that it's too big and too long. But it was $2! And btw in this photo it's wrinkled. I didn't feel like ironing it. ;P
This sweater looks cuter on than off. It looks a little square here but it isn't 
This is just one of those shirts that you always need to have in your closet. Basic and simple for an everyday outfit.
I was quite happy with this jacket. It's just so cute! My favorite part are the big buttons.
This was my favorite piece beside the jeans. It's delightfully puffy in the middle and fitting in the sleeves, just the way it should be. It's stylish and it's also in my favorite color!
This looks a little droopy on the hanger but I was getting a slew of mosquitoes bites so if the picture looked decent I went with it. ;) I don't have any tops this color so it will be something new.

So I would like to know what are your favorite stores? Are there any trend that you really like right now? Have you been shopping for fall clothes yet? I would love to hear from you!


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Wow! Looks like you found lots of treasures:) Shopping is so much fun!

Thank you for commenting Jane dear! Do you really like my header? It sorta messed up, and Mama said she could not figure out what the picture of me was.;)I might change it later.

Love you dearly~


lahni said...

Hi Abigail!
All of those clothes are so cute! Looks like it was a good shopping day:) My favorite stores are in the mall mostly because we don't have many consignment botiques, shops and such. I like alot of stores, but my favorites are Charlotte Rousse, Forever 21, and such. Barely any of my friends go to those places because those shops are more vintage style clothing and very unique and that is the type of clothes I LOVE...but I guess it's not for everybody...and I really haven't been shopping for fall clothes yet...soon though:)
P.S.-My blog is messed up right now, so soon ill be fixing it and making it better adding pics from my mission trip and stay tuned.thanks abigail!

Maggie said...

Those clothing peices are SO cute! The silver colored jacket was my favorite, even though I liked everything. :-)


samarah said...

wow those are great finds!! you got some adorable clothes :)

amber said...

ohh.. love the paul bunyan shirt. those are so in now! a belt and leggins would look super cute with it.

the gray jacket at the end.. i have the exact same one in brown. got it on a jc penny's sale rack last year. and wore it tons in the winter. i hate big bulky jackets - and this one was actually pretty warm.. atleast warm enough for me. i'm willing to freeze a little for the sake of fashion. ;) hee hee.

my favorite places to shop would be a consignment store here called, Snooty Fox. also Plato's Closet. Forever 21. TJ Maxx. Urban Outfitters. and of course Anthropologie - though i can hardly afford anything there.

haven't been shopping much - took Liz' {elizabethmarie1} challenge to not buy anything new till after labor day. which i feel a bit of a cheat since i'm pregnant and not really wanting to buy.. but still.. even jewelry!!! now that's tough. :)

fun post!! i enjoyed it~