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Sunday, November 28, 2010

how the header?

I changed out my header this afternoon. How do you like it? I went for more of the blue winter theme than the green and red but I’ll probably do a Christmas one in the weeks to come.
How was Thanksgiving? Our grandparents came up for a visit and we had a really good time with them. Thanks for coming! J
I’m reading The Voyage on the Dawn Treader for book club on Thursday. I haven’t read it since I was eight so I’ve enjoyed it. I can’t believe how much I’d forgotten! Can’t wait for the movie to come out!


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Hello Jane Dear:)
I like your header! I am in the process of changing my blog "look" right now.

I am so excited about seeing you Christmas!!

Love you!


Gaby said...

I LOVED your header!! I love the blue for Christmas :) And I'm reading this book too! haha I love Narnia!

Lady Helen Mar said...

Lovely header. I am so very excited about VoDT! I need to start reading it. Definitely looking forward to getting it out although it will be slightly hard to read it out of order, oh well.
See you Thirsday!
Through Christ,

Hannah said...

I love how you blurred everything but the dried flowers. So beautiful

We read most of the Chronicles of Narnia this summer... Carrie is developing into an avid book worm and Katie got the books from the library for her to read. I still like Reepicheep the best out of all the characters in Voyage of the Dawn Treader. :*) We watched one of the old movies years ago and I remember being a bit scared. lol!

Happy December and Merry Christmas!