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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ten Random Things About My Room...

I really enjoyed hearing other people's random things and I think that I would do another one. I decided on ten random things about my room.

1. It's painted purple larspur.
2. I have an antique iron bed that's white and has belonged to my family for many years.
3. I have lots of books in my room.
4. I have a fan with three differnt speeds.
5. I have a lot of stuff under my bed.
6. I have an old quilt that my grandfather bought in a estate sale that now resides on my bed.
7. I have a hope chest with books on it.
8. I love the way I can hear the air conditioning in my room.
9. I love the view from my window. It looks out onto a perfectly beautiful tree.
10. I have my sewing machine with lots of sewing stuff under it including material, a small ironing board, thread, needles, and of little pills of red velvet stuck to everything from a dress I recently made. And I mean Everything!

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Laura said...

Hi Layne!! This is cool!! I am going to post on my blog ten random things about something, I just don't know what yet!! Hope to see a new post soon!!
In Christ,