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Sunday, November 16, 2008

All the Websites that I look at...

I have a regular routine that I do every time I get on the computer. First I check my e-mail, then I go to my cousins' blog, Pecan Pastures, then I go to all the blogs on her list Mia's, Julia's, Rose's, the Visionary Daughters, then Maiden's of Worth, then American Girl, and then Thoughts by Liza, and Resolved 2 Worship, The Millers, The Holcombe's (my dad's aunt and uncle), and A Life of Faith. I check them every day (or just about!). I really like to read people's blogs! They're very entertaining! I've tried posting a lot lately!


Eliza said...

That is alot to go to! :) You have been posting alot! I like it!
I will try to post on my blog soon! :)

Caroline and Layne said...

Yes I have been trying to post a lot!:)