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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Since I'm Costume Mistress...

I'm in charge of making, finding, and designating costumes for all of us cousins. Soooo I started on a costume for myself about a month ago and finished it (Its cream and burgundy velvet) and started on one for Caroline but put it away when the skirt looked like a sack of potatoes!:) So I started on bonnets for all the girls. Now I know that these are not really period based (they are more for the 1700's) but I really don't have enough cardboard to make each girl one! So these will have to do!:) They are so fun to make and super easy! I didn't buy a cent's worth of material or fabric or lace or anything because I just used things that I already had. So I have a lot of pictures because it was a little hard to get it at all angles! Here They are!

Here's the First on and its for the character Lydia, who is quite bubbly, talkative, and as Elizabeth puts it 'absolutely uncontrolled'! This was one of the funnest to make because I got to put a lot of lace and ruffles on it!

The second is Kitty's (Madeline's) and is Pink and cream colored. Kitty is a lot like Lydia too but not quite as wild!:)

Here is Mary's (Faith's) who is a book worm and loves music. I think that we need to make her a little less book wormish and a little more musical for Faith's sake!

This is by far my favorite because I love the colors and the pleats!

~I really like the bow!~

I got the pictures out of order! But this is another picture of Kitty's.

I like the colors together

This is my favorite picture of this bonnet

So, I'm not definitely sure that all these bonnets are going to be worn by these girls but I think they really suit each character well. What do you think?


Gran said...

You amaze me! The bonnets are beautiful but where is mine? Oh, may be I won't be in the play. Miss Mildred says I should be and she wants to come again this year. Where is my script? Love you - Gran

Caroline and Layne said...

Yes! I'm going to make you a bonnet! What color would you like? I have every color imaginable! Please be in the play! We would love to have Miss Mildred come! Has for the lines, Mckenzie's writing them so you can talk to her. I think that she will do a good job. See you on Thanksgiving!

Eliza said...

Hi Layne! You are so good! I could never sew anything like that! Even if it took me years! :)
I love the pictures! The hats are all so pretty and I really like the models! :)haha