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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Fall Afternoons...

Ten Things I love about Autumn

1. The cold winds that blow.
2. Leaves in the colors of gold, brown, and crimson.
3. Crisp apples.
5. Jackets and jeans.
6. Soup for supper
7. Coming in from the cold outdoors and feeling how cold my face is when I touch it.
8. Pumpkin Bread.
9. The first time I wear gloves.
10. Putting my thick quilt on my bed.

1 comment:

Gran said...

My goodness, have we had a beautiful fall this year. I love many things too. Going to the mountains (especially with my grandchildren), apple cider, peach pies at Mercier's, zuchinni bread, cool weather, and looking forward to the holidays. Love you - Gran