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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pointe Shoes

Today is Saturday! Its rather dreary and overcast. Caroline is going for her Pointe Shoes fitting with her ballet class today! I can't wait to see what brand she gets. There are so many different styles and brands. And they do differ in color. Some are really pink, while others have a hint of peach in them, and some are more creamy colored. I wear Bloch Suprima I really like the color of them. I wear a 91/2 but my foots very narrow. My moms going to buy some Jelly Toes for me while she's at the store. There these little gel things that you pull over your big toe to help it not hurt so much. It seems that my pointe shoes hurt me more this year than they did last year. Although my classes are on Mondays and Tuesdays instead of Mondays and Thursdays like they were last year. Anyway, the jelly toes give your big toe extra cushioning. Which I really need since my right toe nail is black from the bruises! My pointe work this year has been really fun. We've learned several variations which are particular dances from ballets. We did the same thing last year too. We learned the Lilac Fairy from "Sleeping Beauty", Swanilda from "Coppelia" (which was my favorite!), and another fairy from "Sleeping Beauty". This year we've learned Winter from "Cinderella", Dawn from "Coppelia", and now we're learning The Sugar Plum Fairy from "The Nutcracker". The Sugar Plum Fairy is defiantly the hardest for me to learn!
My favorite this year is probably Dawn. It has some parts that I really like! Caroline will probably do a post about her pointe shoes soon!


Eliza said...

That sounds painful! I have heard of ballerina's that when they first learn to go up one toe that it is pretty bad. Anyway....:) Could you post some picture of your shoes? I would love to see them! I only did ballet in the second grade, I never did pointe shoes. :)

Caroline and Layne said...

Thank-you for commenting Eliza! You and Laura are two of our most faithful commenters!:) I have my camrea right beside me so I'll go ahead and post some pictures of my pointe shoes that I took a few monthes ago.
Thanks again for commenting!