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Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Things About My Personality...

1. I am not really outgoing but I'm not shy either!
2. In my mind I have personalities for all the numbers (I know it sound weird but I do!)
The Even Numbers are very humble and the even numbers are rather stuck up!
3. I love poetry.
4. I really like to sing.
5. My favorite time of day is probably right after I finish school.
6. I like to talk!
7. I really want to be a Ballerina
8. I have several different hobbies ballet, sewing, reading, writing.
9. I love a rainy day.


Eliza said...

Oh how funny Layne! I have personalities for my numbers too, even are nice, and odd are rude! I totally know what you mean! I am so glad to know I am not the only one! And I am not very out going either! :)
Do your letters have personalities too?
Mine do!

Caroline and Layne said...

Hi Eliza! That's so funny! No, I don't think that I have personalities for my letters but I do like some more than others. I really like the letter E. I think that its because I like the name Elizabeth so much. Its rather strange I know!
Thanks for commenting!