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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Ballet Dances...

Since Christmas is just one month away I have begun to plan for this years Christmas dance. At our play Faith, Caroline, and I are going to do a dance to a Christmas song. Last year we did "Mary Did You Know?" and this year we are doing, well I haven't really decided. But we are going to be dancing to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella". I really like that song and Faith wants to do that one. But I also want to do a Christmas dance. What song do you think I should do it to?
Here are My Ideas So Far:
"I Believe"
"O Holy Night"
"Amazing Grace"
"The Sugar Plum Fairy"
Another beautiful song that I can't think of right now!:)


Gran said...

I like O Holy Night. Some of them I don't know. I also want singing at the play. Have not looked at Pride and Prejudice yet but may be tomorrow. Love you - Gran

Eliza said...

Hi! I think O Holy Night would be really neat, and also the Sugar Plum Fairy. So, does Faith do ballet too? :)

Caroline and Layne said...

Hi Eliza! Faith did do ballet but decided she like piano better! Talk to you soon!

Caroline and Layne said...

Hi Grandma! I think that we will do O Holy Night. I have a very beautiful version of it tht our church did a few years ago. Caroline's organizing some songs that she has titled "Carolers of Christmas" that everyones going to sing. I think that you will really like Pride and Prejudice. There's more versions too that tell the story in more detail. Look for the ones with Jennifer Ehle and Collin Firth, then there's another one with Elizabeth Gravie, and an older one with Greer Garson. The one you have was made in 2005, the Jennifer Ehle version was made in 1997 I think, and the Elizabeth Garvie on was made in 1980's, and the Greer Garson version was made in the 1940's. The last one I mentions didn't stick with the original era of costumes. but there all really good!