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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten Random Things About Hudson...

1. Hudson loves to talk. He gets highly irritated if anyone ever interrupts him. Even though he is always doing it to others!
2. He would only wear one or two outfits if you would let him. He hates to wear anything he does not really like.
3. His favorite color is orange which really describes his character.
4. His favorite TV show is that old cartoon "Tom and Jerry" and he's always looking at the clock to see if its 7:30 yet.
5. He loves to wear Baldwin's old baseball uniforms to Baldwin's games.
6. He is a Veggie Tales fanatic!
7. He is very truthful. He will say his opinion about something even if it might hurt your feelings.
8. But he is also very, very kind and loving.
9. He is very fond of playing outside.
10. He can't wait till he grows up.

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Laura said...

Hello! This is really cool! I did one about Liza on my blog! Talk to you later!