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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fifteen Things I'm Not Afraid to Admit...

So I found this list on a blog that I look at very often and decided to do it on my own blog.
I also lag Mckenzie, Liza, and Laura to do it on theirs too!

1. I tend to be forgetful! :) Sometimes I hear things and it simply goes out the other ear!
2. I like Literature and Writing MUCH better that Math or Science.
3. I'm more of a saver than a spender.
4. I really don't like yard work.
5. I have a really bad sweet tooth! I get it from my mom and grandpa!
6. I love to surprise people with things.
7. I am sarcastic.
8. I would rather read fiction than nonfiction.
9. I sometimes wonder if I talk to much.
10. I partly love hate heights.
11. I'm very afraid of roller coasters!
12. I really wish I was a more flexible dancer.
13. I don't really like to be in crowds.
14. I like to imagine things.
15. I don't like to eat eggs, fish and my least favorite thing to put in my mouth is Milk! I just can't stand it!:)

I really like to hear other peoples lists of things so I would really love for you to post it on your blog or post a comment with it on there. I think these are so interesting!

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