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Monday, August 3, 2009

We went shopping today. Mama, Levi, Lily Katherine, and Me (Abigail) went shopping to Hobby Lobby, Publix, and Old navy. It didn't seem to take us extremely long thankfully!;). Levi, at two has always rode in the stroller in the store or in the basket. He walked and I held his hand in Old Navy today which was a new experience for me and not one I think I particularly be honest he never wants to be in one place more than a second. :) He was very happy with his freedom and took full advantage of it. ;) I kept up with him though! He was very sweet and got a lot of smiles from the employees, I'm awfully glad they weren't frowns. I love him.~


Carrington said...

Funny! That is alot like Clayton, he can't be there for 5 minutes (the store) then "I want to go mamma!" :):):)
I can't wait to see you tommorow!

Love ~Carri

~Eliza said...

What is Publix?
I love Hobby Lobby! Good post.

~*~*Cheetah*~*~ said...

How sweet! He sounds really precious and funny!