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Sunday, August 23, 2009

15 Reasons I'm Ready For Fall

Be sure to check my other posts for the last few days!:)

1. I'm ready to go outside and feel coolness in the air.
2. I'm ready for mosquitoes not to come attack me when I step out the door. :)
3. I'm ready for the leaves to turn brown, orange, and red.
4. I'm ready to wear sweaters.
5. I'm ready to pull my sweatshirts and hoodies out of the closet.
6. I'm ready to play in the leaves.
7. I'm ready for the sweating in the sun to stop.
8. I'm ready for the coolness of September and October
9. I'm ready for the sun to shine a little differently to tell me that autumn is on it's way.
10.I'm ready for soup, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie.
11.I'm ready to wear a coat.
12.I'm ready to take walks in the fresh air.
13.I'm ready to get fall clothes.
14.I'm ready to put away summer clothes.
15.I'm ready to put fall decorations out.


Anonymous said...

I agree on the pumpkin pie and the leaves changing colors. I love looking at the color changing leaves, they are so pretty!

~Eliza said...

ooohh! I absolutely love sweet potato caserole!!! :-)