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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twenty-Five Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I always have to have the room clean when I sit down to watch a movie.
2. I break off pieces of cookies because in my mind I think they taste better that way. ;) Odd I know.
3. I only eat scrambled eggs.
4. I love black and white shirts.
5. I love Big Band music.
6. I usually have a favorite song that I listen and sing until I'm sick of it.
7. I love sushi.
8. The book of the Bible that I read the most is Psalms. My Bible usually flips to Psalms 47, my favorite chapter.
9. I'm always nervous when I pray in front of other people.
10.I wish I could sing like Julie Andrews.
11.I get up every morning at 6:20....usually! ;)
12.My favorite time of day is early morning and afternoon.
13.My birthday is in a month and a half.
14.I love toddlers.
15.I wear the front of my hair pulled back a lot.
16.My favorite composer is Beetoven.
17.I love desserts. :) Bad I know.
18.When I'm nervous I squeeze my hands together.
19.I would like to visit other countries one day.
20.I'm working on piano and I'm feeling terribly discouraged because I don't feel like I'm doing very well.
21.I love to read stories on missionaries.
22.I like soup.
23.I love the way the sky looks when the sun is coming up.
24.I don't wear shoes when I'm at home during the summer.
25.My last, I can't stand when my hair has tangles in it.

Odd, Random, Strange, and hopefully amusing things about me.


~Eliza said...

Would you mind e-mailing me your address so I can mail you something?

~Eliza said...

Oh I forgot to mention, that I really enjoyed reading those...