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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you carry a big purse or a small? Um...Medium
What size shoe do you wear? 9 usually
What is your favorite season? I like them all but I'm partial to spring and fall.
Have you ever broken a bone? Yes, my wrist.
Your favorite school subject? Literature and History
How tall are you? Almost 5' 6 1/2"
Would you rather swim in a lake or a pool? A pool
Can you climb on the money bars? Yeah, but I'm not good at it.
Do you like Rollar Coasters? No, not if there extreme.
Rollar Skating or Ice Skating? Rollar Skating, I've never Ice Skated although I would like to try it.
Rollar Skating or Blading? Skating
Would you rather take pictures, or film? Picture
Blogging or e-mailing? Blogging
What do you like best about Winter? Christmas and cozyness!
What do you like best about Spring? Green grass, flowering trees and flowers, and summer clothes, and the warm weather.
What do you like best about Summer? Swimming, no school, and visiting family.
What do you like best about Fall? The cool weather, clogs, jeans, the different way the sun shines, Thanksgiving and all the dishes that come with it!:)
What was your favorite question on this tag? The one about height. It's interesting to see how tall everyone is.
What was your favorite food when you were little? Chocolate, which is not really food. :-)
Which do you prefer? Beef, Chicken, pork, turkey, fish, or seafood? Chicken

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~Eliza said...

Cool! So your almost 5. 6 1/2? I think my oldest sister Hannah is 5.7. Yes, it is interesting to see how tall people are. :) How tall is Lydia?