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Monday, August 31, 2009

What A Character

Don't ask me what he's saying, I'm not sure myself. :)

Levi and I enjoyed shopping at Ross with Mama today. My favorite parts happen to be the decorating, dishes, and picture frames section. I pushed him in his stroller up and down the rows of pretty things and we enjoyed ourselves. Levi really liked the cute decorative airplanes and then the candles and kept saying "I want to smell that one!". He put a silly wooden carving with eyes and a nose in front of his face and he thought that it was very funny. He laughed at himself when he saw his reflection in all the huge mirrors and every time we past one he would say, "There's Levi!" or "There's Abigail!". I love toddler hood despite the "terrible two's"!

He can't wait to see you Meamaw!


~Eliza said...

How funny!

Carrington said...

Very cute! Funny, funny. :) He is a character.
I am couting down the days hours. :P