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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was sitting at the table reading a health magazine the other day. It was mostly about people switching to a raw, vegan diet. I'm one of those people who can't read anything without sharing it with someone so I was telling my mom about what I had read. My mom sort of jokingly challenged me to eat raw for two days. Two days isn't long so I decided to do it.
I’ve been eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, raw milk cheese (I didn’t go vegan btw), and nuts.
I haven’t minded it much. I’m just a lot hungrier. I’ve been eating so many bananas and oranges. Fruit is filling it just doesn't keep me going long!
I had a banana when I got up this morning
And an orange for breakfast with a few walnuts.
A little bit of a not so great tasting beet, apple, celery, and carrot juice that my mom made with the juicer she got for Christmas.
A salad for lunch with another small orange.
A few nuts as a snack
And a small apple and (can you guess?) another orange for supper. I’m sure my vitamin C level is good!
I’ve heard that people who go raw have re
ally good skin and they feel really energized. Raw food is much easier on the digestive system.
I like fruits…and I like salads too but I don’t really think I’m ready to take the raw food plunge. I don’t think that being a raw foodie would be very good all the time. I don’t really care for meat but I do like bread and chocolate. J
Being a vegan isn’t for me. I hate milk but I like cheese and that’s my main source of calcium. I know vegans have other ways of getting calcium and protein but the cheese we get is SO good for you. I’ve been eating it since I was three. It’s raw so all the enzymes haven’t been removed and besides…its good.
So I’m going to have a piece of toast for breakfast tomorrow and be happy that I can have a bit of chocolate too...not for breakfast btw.
After all the only thing you really need to be satisfied is chocolate! Choc-o-late. It’s a wonderful thing.
Now Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate? That’s even better.


lahni said...

That is so interesting Abigail!
I actually am not a vegan, but I do follow many of their ways,but their is always the other stuff:D...i eat nuts,fruits,veggies,cheese,and drink soy milk(it's not really milk it comes from the soy plant and is much healthier...I am lactose intolerant too, so i can't have regular milk & when I eat cheese I have to take a pill:/)...but of course I like my whole grain bread(which is raw in a sense b/c none of the grains or nutrients have been taken out)...and then I love tuna and salmon and sliced turkey and I'm not thinking anytime soon I would go meat free...haha...but it would be interseting to try it like you did haha.

Lauren Nicole said...

Hey Abigail!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
This is a really neat post :) A lot of my friends are trying to go gluten free...I might try doing that later. Right now I'm just making sure I eat healthy :)

Monica said...

That's a good idea. Maybe I need to try eating only raw food. You have inspired me.

Abigail said...

I love reading your posts!
Thanks for sharing!
(Chapel and CCHE)