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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Does This Shirt Make Me Look British?

One of my Christmas presents was this t-shirt shown below, except mine is in black. Lydia gave it to me. Honestly it was the best present she ever gave me. It completely and totally screams my name.
Yes, I’m fascinated by Britain. As if you haven't already noticed. :P :)
Well, by Europe in general, and Australia.
The only show that I really like on HGTV is House Hunters International.
I think it’s so cool to see the different places and the different ways of life.
So tell me where would you like do go?
London? Melbourne? Belfast? Rome? Paris?


Giann said...

Haha...I would like to go to Italy in general! Where did she find the shirt? Jw.

Happy New Year!!!

Sues said...

Love this! You absolutely MUST study abroad for a year in college!!! The year I lived in Germany was awesome. Paris is dreamy, and I could live in Italy the rest of my life... :-)

Mark03264 said...

Hello, I was thrilled to see that you liked the shirt so much. The shirt came from my shop at CafePress.

Giann, I do have a design for Italy and any other country you may want. Follow this link to my shop


Lady Helen Mar said...

You wore that yesterday didn't you?
I like it! I need one.
Through Christ,

hannahlouise said...

Cool shirt! I live in Australia btw and would love to go Oxford, UK or or Perth, Australia..

Megan said...

So glad I found your blog! Thanks for becoming a follower on mine :)

That's my favorite show on HGTV too! I want to go to Europe SO BAD...Especially Rome, Italy.