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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bit About Ballet

I rarely do a post devoted to ballet but decided I’d do one now.

Here are a few ballet myths clarified. This is going to be fun....:)
Myth 1: “Dancers tie their pointe shoe ribbons up around their knees.”

It may work for the Barbie Doll Ballerina but I’m not sure how it would work for a human. Ribbons go around the ankles.

Myth 2: All that dancers do is float around on a stage.

Think about it, you’re making (or in my case trying to make) something difficult look easy. It ain’t easy.

Myth 3: Pointe shoes are made out of wood.

I always thought that they were, but actually its a very long process where layers of materials are molded together with shellac to form a hard supportive shoe.

Myth 4: Dancers have eating disorders

No, this is not true about all dancers. Yes, there are some dancers who struggle with this, and some dancer might be pressured to be really thin but not all dancers are anorexic. Dancer have to eat, otherwise their energy wouldn’t be up. Some people think that if you eat your going to gain weight. Dancers are athletes; they burn a lot of calories! Besides baking is too much fun!

Myth 5: "How can you make your body do that? I couldn't!"

Really a lot about ballet is just plain work. I’m a very unflexible person by nature. God didn’t give me muscles that stretch like taffy. It took me forever to do a split. Most people can dance, try it if feels really good. 

Myth 6: Rosin is for baseball players and gymnasts.

Pointe dancers put rosin on their shoes to keep the satin from slipping while dancing. I have a big bruise on my knee from falling the other day form lack of rosin. Rosin is wonderful stuff, I should have used more!

Myth 7: Ballet is for little girls.

No Way! Maybe the reason people think that is because girls drop out when they get to be thirteen or so. Classes get smaller and smaller the older you get. Fortunately I like small classes better. 

"Are You Sure Ballet Honors God?"

When the founder of Ballet Magnificat! became a Christian she was told that she had to give up ballet. But instead she and her husband began the first Christian ballet company in the US and have since taken the Gospel around the world.

After all God said to, “Praise His name with dancing.”

I was blessed with a Christian studio when I was growing up where the music was uplifting, the costumes weren’t a problem, and the atmosphere was really encouraging. The focus was where it needed to be. Since then I’ve been in other studios where this isn’t the case. It comes down to focus. Its about Jesus, and the praise you are giving Him, He's the reason to dance.

I’m sixteen with almost eleven years of ballet under my belt. I still have years of work ahead of me. An insurmountable amount of work it seems. Sometimes I’ll leave a class and think how bad I've done. I’m a perfectionist can you tell?

Then I think, if I’m supposed to be a professional dancer I will be. If I work hard enough maybe… If not than I’ve got a host of other interests, passions, and pursuits.

I’ll be what God’s made me to be.

And boy, I’m excited about finding out what that is.


Carrington said...

I love it when you post about ballet! I watched a movie at ballet last year about making point shoes, it was really neat to watch. I can't belive they are handmade! I wish I had never quite. :) And I think you are very good. :) (alot better then me ;))

Anonymous said...

this is such a nice post, so nice you're in ballet, i love ballet so much, i did for one year, and have always wanted to go back and have point shoes. :)

Gran said...

Good post, Abigail, I am so proud of you. You are a wonderful dancer. Love you lots!!

lahni said...

loved the post! I am also in ballet as you probably already know from my blog, and I totally agree with you about the myths and everything!Dancing is like a get away for me, I love it!!!Thanks for posting,have a great day!