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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturdays, Books, and Websites

Today we went to a neat place to celebrate Gabe's 10th birthday. It was sort of like a zoo. We spent the day there and got back around eight tonight. We're all so tired! Levi had his first train ride, we saw a lot of animals (the leopards were my favorite), and we played on a massive playground. It was a fun day.

These are just a few pictures that I took of Lily Kate a few weeks ago. I have a decorative pair of pink pointe shoes that hang on a shelf in my room that she found so entertaining (that's what she's looking down at in the top picture)!

I'm looking for a really good book to read right now. I'm reading Cheaper by the Dozen but I've seen the movie with Myra Loy in it so many times that I know the story completely. I would like to read a book right now that is very entertaining. I don't mean "fluffy" exactly but after reading John Bunyan and Winston Churchill during the week I just want something that's enjoyable. One book that I have loved, loved, loved reading this school year has been Richard Maybury's Whatever Happened to Justice? I really have learned so much from it and it will completely change the way you view law, government, and a lot of other things for that matter. It's really great.

I got a little side tracked with this post but I thought I'd share what I was thinking about tonight. Now I'll go on my daily rounds of all the blogs I check! There's a site that I have gotten hooked on called My Aunt Karen told me about it and I love it now. It's such a pretty site and the lady who writes it is so creative! It has beautiful photos. She was actually on the Martha Stewart show. And to think that it all started with a blog...


Hannah grace said...

Awww she is so cute.i love bakerella too.i wish i had one of her tee shirts.

Kellie said...

You took great pictures of Lily Kate that day- my favorite is the one where she's looking down.
Love you!

Clay and Amy said...

have you read anything by elizabeth gaskell? i just started reading wives and daughters and i'm loving it!

by the way, your Resurrection Day cake is beautiful!

love to you and the family - ms. Amy

Carri said...

Awww, Lily Kate is so cute.

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hi ms. amy! I haven't read any of Elizabeth Gaskell's books but I've seen a movie based on one of them. I think that I'll check out Wives and Daughters from the library. It sounds really good!