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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cake! We've Got Cake!

I looked all over Google images to find the perfect Easter cake to make. I saw so many beautiful cakes but none of them were perfectly right or beyond what I would be able to make. This was the same recipe I made for my New Years day cake, I just used different colored frosting.

I began this cake around one o'clock Friday and worked on it until around 10:30 that night. I just couldn't think of what the top should be like so late at night so I stuck it in the fridge and went to bed. The next morning I got it out and worked on it until noon. I was so sick of the sight of cream cheese frosting! I was glad to be finished!:)

The frosting wasn't working well when I made the roses, the frosting wasn't thick enough. They would fall apart as I moved them from the little tool you use to make them on and onto the cake. I ended up sticking them in the freezer for a little while so they would harden and I could move them easily to the top of the cake. It worked great!

It's always a bit sad to cut into the cake after all the time you spent on it. I like the way the alternating layers look.
I had the last piece of cake this afternoon while I watched I Love Lucy. It may be odd but I like to stick my cake into the fridge so that it gets a little cold. I like it chilled!:)


Hannah grace said...

I decorate cakes is fun but it takes so long to decorate.

~Eliza said...

Wow! That is so pretty! Those roses are beautiful! You did an amazing job!!!
My Mom got me a decorative cake stand (not sure what the name for it is) and I think I want to start making cakes and decorating them. It seems like so much fun, and I love to bake.
You did a beautiful job! It's gorgeous! I hope you had a good Easter!

lahni said...

Hi Abigail,
thanks for the comment on my blog post,I am glad you enjoyed it.It is alot of fun to try to do some of the stuff the Rockettes sometimes turns out a little different than we like it to,but it's the memories that count.My ballet teacher is actually a previous Rockette,so we like to attempt the kicks and falls that she does.Have a blessed day!
~Lahni Blair

Sister in prayer said...

I love the cake! Its so pretty!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I don't get many, and it was nice to see one this morning! ;)

Carri said...

Hey Abigail! The Cake was really pretty and yummy too. :)