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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I've Been Told That...

I don't know why exactly, but I feel strange posting pictures of myself on my blog. I feel awkward when people take pictures of me. lol. I end up looking "posed" or stupid or something.:D But Lydia was in need of a "model", and as I was the only person available she chose me. Aren't I lucky?:) She didn't pay me a cent though!:( I guess by getting to use the pictures on here she's paying me back

I've been told that I wear too many clothes that are black. It's not that I'm into the "goth" look it's just that I like black clothes.;D I've been told that I don't post enough pics on here. I know I need to post more. So I'll try to do better. It a new resolution!:)
I've been told that avocado is supposed to make hair shiny? I read it in a cookbook by a British cook. Have you ever heard of that? I really like to put avocados on salads. It really is good.:)I've been told I need to write more about what I'm doing day to day and what I'm thinking about and less stating of the facts. Facts are pretty boring.
I've been told that my teeth are straight but I must say, I could use braces on my lower teeth. There just a little crowded. When I was little I wanted braces SO badly! Before I went to the orthodontist I prayed and prayed that they would put braces on me. They didn't. I was disappointed. :)
I've been told that pictures saved on a computer make is run slower. I will be deleting these once their posted.

I've been told that if the quality of your pictures are good than people will more likely visit your blog. I love vibrant pictures. Pictures that bursts with color and vividness. My favorite effect on Picnik is cross process. I love the look that it gives pictures. I put it on all of these.

I've been told that the most interesting blogs are the one's that post everyday. If you want to be awarded for the best blog on the net you need to post very often. I need to work on that too. Is is true that Pioneer Woman posts everyday?:)

I've been told, by Lydia, that I can make some pretty strange faces in pictures. Just look at this one!:D I told her that she had to let me pick which one's ended up on the blogs. Sometimes you have to have a sense of humor when your having pictures of yourself done because some of them are awfully weird. I'm mean, I look so mad in this one! My lesson for the day: DON'T BE AFRAID TO POST PICTURES OF YOURSELF ON YOUR BLOG! I honestly love to see the people behind the computer!


Eliza Grace said...

Oh Abigail, you are so beautiful!!!
I LOVE that last one! It's my favorite! That, and the second one!! Cross Process is my favorite effect too! It seems to bring out the beauty in things, and it makes things look more vintage! :) Yes, I agree you should post more often and with more pictures. ;)
I DON'T like having braces....:)
I really enjoyed this post! :)

P.S. I'm sorry you didn't get paid...:) :P

Eliza Grace said...

One more thing, I'm not sure if you saw my recent post about the different "editors" on blogger and about the post a video button, but which editor do you have yours set on? If I put mine on "old editor" the button shows up. But on the "updated editor" it doesn't.


Hannah said...

I loved seeing the pictures of you! They were all beautiful. I'll have to check out cross process now! :)

I really enjoyed reading this post, too... :)

Sister in prayer said...

I know how you feel about pictures of yourself! :)
You look really nice, and Lydia does a really good job taking pictures. They are so neat!
I have heard that egg whites make your hair shine, but I have never heard of putting avacado in your hair! I do love avacado, especially in a salad!
Thanks for your comments on my blog! I really appreciate it!
Keep praying,

Abigail and Lydia said...

Aren't I a good sister to take pictures of you?? I've been told that you don't enjoy it.... sorry, but you were they only person there to model for me~ =)


Katherine said...

I LOVE that last one! SO intense and beautiful!

The Writings of Grace said...

Hi Abigail! very nice pictures! and thanks for the comment on my new post! I hadn't done one in a while!