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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter with Family

We got home from our grandparents house a few hours ago. We had a really good Easter! Our cousins came and we had a good time visiting and playing around. We took tons of pictures so check back for the others that I will be posting! We spent most of the day outside because the weather was beautiful even though the pollen was terrible and Titus and Madeline had a tough time with allergies.

My mom and I went shopping for clothes two weeks ago and this was the first and last thing I tried on. I don't think I've ever been able to buy the first thing I ever saw on the rack for Easter! It's kind of funny, I wear blue for Easter pretty often and this year was no different. It's just such a summery color!

We wanted to get a group picture of us by the swing but as you can see it was a little difficult. Levi would hardly stand still and cooperate!

We took some pictures by a fence until the people that lived in the house across from it came out on the front porch to see what what was going on!

Happy Easter!

I can't wait to change my layout and music, I'm really sick of the pink Valentines day theme on here. I just haven't gotten around to changing it.
I've got several other posts that are going to follow this one with more pictures of this weekend. I apologize if you tried to get on my blog in the last week and couldn't. I had changed the address from to but then I realized that I would have lost all my followers because you didn't know the address so I apologize, it's back to normal now!:)


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures!! I had such a wonderful time with you all!

Love you so much!

Forever your Lizzy;)

lahni said...

Hi,I have been following your blog lately and I just wanted to tell you how encouraged and inspired I am by your blog.You and your family seem so wonderful and such an example of Jesus Christ.Love your blog!If you want you can check out mine at me what you think about,I just got it not to long ago,and love it when I get comments:)
~Lahni Blair

lahni said...

Hi Abigail,
I couldn't help but notice that I have the same shirt that you are wearing.Except mine is in grey insteas of blue.I love it!

Sister in prayer said...

I had a good Ressurection Day! Our cousins came over too! Those pictures of you and all your cousins, look just like us with ours!
I'm the one who took all the pictures on Ressurection Day, and I got some really nice ones too!!