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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Brother of Mine

Last Tuesday was Gabe's 10th birthday. He had an apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting because he doesn't like chocolate. I can't fathom that. ;P

I remember Daddy waking Lydia and me up and saying that they were going to the hospital. I was five and Lydia was two then. I remember going to the hospital to see him for the first time. The first time to ever see a brother of mine!

I remember him coming home from the hospital and crying in the car. There's nothing like the cry of a newborn to put your nerves on edge! We brought him home to his beautiful baby blue nursery with the white curtains and white shelf and the blue half moons and stars my mom had painted on the wall.

I remember a few weeks after his birth my grandma was visiting and I went to get my ears pierced. I got tiny gold hoops, I was so proud of myself! Gabe wasn't a very fussy baby from what I can remember. He has always been pretty laid back. He's a sweet boy. I love him even though he can be a grouch! haha.
Gabe loves to play outside
He loves to watch Daniel Boone
He hates mornings
He hates chocolate
He's mellow
He's not big into talking to people he doesn't know
He likes grits
He loves to figure out how things work
He likes to fix things
He likes to go camping
He can't dance
He takes really long showers
He LOVES anything to do with Indians, cowboys, and hunting
His favorite actor is Fess Parker
He likes baseball a lot
He has a temper though he isn't very stubborn
He is very kind

I hope Gabe won't get mad a me for anything I've written about him! ;)


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

LOL:) Too cute!
Who did this post??

Love your Cousin,
a.k.a. McKenzie Elizabeth

Abigail and Lydia said...

It was me, Abigail. Lydia writes It's a Beautiful Life so I'm the only author now:)