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Friday, October 15, 2010

Titus is Seven Today!

Today TyTy turned 7!

I remember what I was doing this time seven years ago. I had just stepped out to see my grandparents who were in the waiting room at the hospital. Daddy, Aunt Monica and  Aunt Marcy, and I were there in the hospital room when Titus made his first the bathtub! His birth was so fast and furious, just like him!
He LOVES life, he is big, bold, and wild. He's handsome, he's sweet, and he's happy.

(I think he was in mid blink!)
He's a Casanova, a Romeo. :D haha
He's very energetic, he has a very free spirit, and he loves to do adventurous things.

He has a new hobby, baking. He and I baked his cake yesterday and we made his favorite cookies today. He thought it was so much fun. I'm going to start letting him help me more. He thought the elecric mixer was the greatest thing!:)


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Sweet post! I cannot believe he's seven... I hope he had a great birthday!



Gran said...

Good post. The pictures are cute and I know he had a good time. May be he will be a famous chef someday and you can say you gave him his start.