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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glorious Fall Days

I taught Levi and Titus how to play hopscotch yesterday afternoon. It was so beautiful Levi said, "This is a glorious day!" Levi didn't really get the hang of the game. He hopped on one foot to each square. He thought he was great!:)

 Alright so this is not flattering at all, it looked so much better on the camera screen!
 Yeah Levi, dig in! Little boys are so funny...and gross. lol
Everyone needs one of these shots!

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Giann said...

I love the pictures! What version of a Nikon do you have??

Oh, I don't think I really introduced myself.....I decided to follow your blog because I follow McKenzie's and Lydia's so why not follow yours! :) You can click on my profile to learn more about me and see my blog! Please stop by and comment!