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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little about my birthday

 My favorite effect on Picnic is Cross Process. But in this picture it made my hair look blue!!!
 I had a wonderful birthday, it was really fun. I'm going to post pictures of my gifts but I though I'd just post these first, I haven't uploaded my others yet. I got a lot of things for my new room, everything was very much my style, very shabby chic!
We went out for sushi last night, it was our first time at the restaurant in our new town. It was great!
I remember the first time I had sushi. My dad took Lydia and me out and I wasn't exactly excited about trying it. I did though and it was really surprising! It's now one of my favorite foods.  
Lydia and the boys decorated the dining room with balloons and streamers and these mums were on the table. I really love flowers, and these were gorgeous!
One of my gifts was a trip to the spa! Lydia and I are going in less than two weeks and its going to be so much fun! I've never had a facial or anything like that before so I'm looking forward to it!

There's more pictures on the way..............

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~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! I enjoyed talking to you last night on the phone. We had a lot to catch up on!

Love your cousin...