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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Weekend Away...Part One

We went to our state's homeschool conference this weekend, we had a ball! We had planned this trip for a year, and had looked forward to it so much! These are just a few of the many pictures that I took from the last few days, I'm going to have to do several posts to fit them all in.:)
My aunt and uncle and cousins, Carrington and Clayton, stayed in the hotel room next to us and we got to do everything together. It was so much fun! I miss you!
These are pics from the hotel that we stayed in. Thursday night Aunt Monica and all of us walked around the hotel and took pictures. We road up to the top floor and looked out the windows at all the lights and buildings and planes coming in. It was really cool looking but of course all the pictures that I took showed our reflection in the glass.:)
I like when a hotel is busy and there are lots of people coming and going, it's interesting to people watch.
The beds at this place were so comfortable, I slept so well. We were really exhausted from all the walking we did around the conference center, our feet hurt!:)
I have so many more pictures to post so they will be up in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!:)


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hello Abigail!
I love the pictures. I am so gald you had a good time!!

Your cousin,

Michelle said...

Hi Abigail & Lydia!

We found your blog sheet in the restroom (lol)...just wanted to let you know about Seeds Family Worship (if you don't already know about us). Check out our web site: We are all about God's Word and planting it in the hearts of families!!
Enjoy and let us know what you think!
Michelle Uhri
The Seeds Team