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Monday, May 24, 2010

Make-up Tutorial and Some More Photos

Before I was in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe the Ballet my teacher gave a tutorial on stage make-up. I loved learning what to do, and what not to do. :) Use a foundation, some think liquid is best, then use a little blush across your cheekbones, then powder to "set" it. For the eyes I used a pale blue shade, since my eyes are brown, and then LOTS of mascara! Or fake eyelashes, whichever you prefer. ;) Take eyeliner and outline the upper lid and then a little on the bottom. You want to put some "wings" on there too. Take the liner and draw it out from the lid, different people do this step different ways, I put two or three lines on my eyes. For the mouth use red lipstick, mine unfortunately was pink. Don't put gloss on because it will make your mouth look like its glowing under the stage lights. That's not what's desired!
I look scared in this picture!;P
This was the costume for Rhythm of the Deep. This was really light and comfortable. They looked good with the the sea backdrop.
You know you have too much lipstick when your drink looks like this!
Several of the other girls from my school. They were really nice and I liked getting to know them better.
Pa, Lydia, and me. We took pictures with Grandma, Bette, and Levi but something happened and they were blurry. This one turned out good though. Thank you for coming!
Mama and me. Thank-you for letting me take classes and encouraging me to work hard. I love you
The hallway leading to the stairs that led up to backstage.


Carri said...

I like the pictures!

Clay and Amy said...

the stage make-up looks wonderful! it also looks like you had fun - which is one of the ultimate goals, apart from glorifying God with your talents. i'm so proud of you!