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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can You Guess What Time of Year It Is?

Yep! It's recital time! This is my first recital at my new studio and I'm really excited. :) This is also my first time wearing a "pancake" tutu. I was so thrilled about this!

Lydia took these pictures of me in one of my costumes the other day. I think this picture of the tiara was my favorite.;) She is really good at thinking creatively and has a lot of ideas about neat shots. I wasn't thrilled about having a crown but it looks really good for the part my class has. For this dance (pointe) we are people of the royal court, I LOVE the royal blue of this costume.
I changed ballet schools in January and since we had already bought two costumes that weren't going to be worn I wasn't going to do recital. I was okay with this and I still got to learn the dance because my teacher put me in as the understudy in case anyone was sick or injured. I learned the part of whatever girl in the class was absent and I really loved the dances. I felt a tad bit sad when recital got closer and I wasn't going to be in it though. I prayed and asked that if there was anyway I could be in the dance I would really like to be able to. That night my teacher said that one girl had dropped out of the class because she had something on recital weekend that she would rather do. So....I got the part! This was just for my ballet class, I still wasn't going to be in the pointe dance. That was until I got put in that dance too! I was really surprised.:) And very, very happy. To think that just a few hours after I prayed I got the part. My mom has always said that God is intimately involved in our lives. Even with the things that seem insignificant. He likes to give us good things because He delights in us. I am delighted! ;)
Haha! I think I need to work on the "dying swan" look. I'm a little awkward.=)
So pray for me today! We had the Saturday matinee yesterday and rehearsal after that. I have a show at 2:30 today and one at 7:00. Pray that everything goes well and my feet will pointe, my battements will be high, my arms will be straight and that that everyone dances together! I'm excited!!!
The tutu puffs out when you bend over, its funny isn't it?


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Oh girl I have chills! I love to hear stories about how the Lord works! I am so grateful He chose to give you the desire of your heart! I love you...

Your Cousin~

Clay and Amy said...

what a BEAUTIFUL costume! i'm so glad you were able to be in the recital at your new studio! that is great news! i know you danced beautifully!