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Friday, October 24, 2008

~Rainy days and Picture Taking~

Rainy days:
Today it has been really rainy, its is needed rain, but rain also means cooped up indoors! And with three boys that's not always pleasant! But they have been playing in the garage some, so it wasn't bad! I have been reading non-stop today, its perfect weather, and so cozy!

Picture taking: Wednesday night Mamma, Hudson, Walker, and I went to the park to take the two little boys birthday pictures. They both looked so cute in their outfits, but it didn't go very well! Hudson was climbing everywhere, getting sticks, and doing this and that. Walker was running everywhere and every time you put him somewhere he would trot off to another place! It was not a very good experience! It started to get dark and we couldn't get any good lighting so we headed home! We only got about two fuzzy pictures of Walker! We learned our lesson not to take two little boys a one time!!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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Eliza said...

Hi Layne and Caroline! Please post soon!
I go to your blog, everyday ( a couple times a day!) :) and look forward to see your posts! :)