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Monday, October 13, 2008

Not much.....

I know it looks a bit funny with the large picture as the header, but right now I can not figure out how to fix it. So as soon as Layne gets on here I will tell her to fix it!!! Today I do not have any new pictures to post, but I as soon as I do I will post them! Today has just been a regular school day and tasks! Not really anything new but we should have some new birthday pics up here soon! Yes, we have lots of birthdays in the fall! Thanks Laura and Eliza for the comments and "gran" what happened to commenting? :)
I will try to post more soon!



Gran said...

I picked Sound of Music. Looking forward to seeing you. Grandpa is very sad. He covered up the pool. Now we have to count the days till Christmas and than till time to open the pool again. Be sweet

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

I like the big picture as your header. I think it is kind of neat looking.
You guys are doing a good job with your blog. I don't have my own comment account, I don't know how to do one!
Aunt Marcy