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Thursday, February 17, 2011

what strange creature's brother's are. ~ jane austin

I’ll be honest. My brothers are wonderful gifts. They’re not bad at all, they’re just balls of energy that keep going, and going, and going like the Energizer Bunny. They challenge my ability to hold my tongue and use a kind tone, it provides ample oppurtunity to do hard things! Meal time is SO loud sometimes. Does this happen to other people? Please tell me it does. J

But I was thinking about it and I came up with a few thoughts on the subject of brothers. I would love to hear your's as well. J

If I didn’t have brothers I wouldn’t have picked up a children’s book after I outgrew them.
I would always have perfectly calm, peaceful days.
I would have a pretty boring Christmas, there’s nothing like seeing them open the gifts you give them.
I wouldn’t have a Levi to shower over the top affectionate compliments.
I wouldn’t have a Titus to jump onto my lap and leave me black and blue after he hugs me. That boy is HARD!
I wouldn’t have a Gabe to watch “I Love Lucy” with.

I would be really selfish. Not that I’m selfless by any stretch. Sometimes I’m ashamed at how selfish I can be towards them. It’s a thing I’m always working on; it’s a small hard thing that takes daily diligence to conquer. Sometimes I win, and other times I loose.
I wouldn’t know how much boys can eat!
I wouldn’t know how a little boy’s brain works.
If I didn’t have brothers I wouldn’t know that a dog is vital to a boy’s existence.
I wouldn’t know how great they think gross things are.

I would have a perfectly clean bathroom.
I wouldn’t know every Veggie Tales song by heart.
I wouldn’t have a puppy that I really like more than I ever thought I would.
I wouldn’t have a little brother to sing to at night when he won’t go to bed.

I wouldn’t be able to listen to Levi sing at the top of his lungs.
I wouldn’t have any brothers to tease.
I wouldn’t have any brothers tease me.
I wouldn’t have any need for inner dignity…because my outward is nonexistent at times.

I wouldn’t feel like I needed to pull my hair out.
I wouldn’t have them to laugh with.
We would have peaceful meal times and quiet Bible studies.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you all about Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.
I wouldn’t be interrupted in the middle of a conversation.
My brothers are weird, energetic, fun, kind, funny, and interesting.
Without them my life would be peaceful, normal, and boring….very boring.


Lady B said...

I could never imagine life without my brother. I would not have had the amazing joy of having my prayers as a little girl answered. Even though there are many years between us, he is so full of advice and wisdom. He is my best friend and life would be quite dull without him!
Through Christ,

Carrington said...

I have many wonderful memories of Johnny. Wouldn't trade them for anything and, oh, how I miss him.

Gran said...

That was not Carrington. It was me, BooBoo.

Rebekah said...

I have six brothers so I do understand the loud noise thing. Also, you are not alone in having trouble holding your tongue towards them. I am constantly battling with being harsh.

[anna] said...

How precious. They remind me so much of my younger brothers! Coon hats and stick swords are classics.
Have a wonderful day!

Davis Family said...

Hi, I'm Alex, a friend of Carrington's. I'm sure she could tell you how loud my brothers are:) I have four of them and three of them are eight and under. Yeah, what would mealtime be without having to clean up at least one spill and talk ignoring the screams and yells in the background?:D I can't tell you how many times I've read the Puppy book the boys love. I guess it is a lot because they have memorized it word for word!!!:)Glad to hear I'm not the only one losing my temper with my little brothers:) I love your blog!!! I'll definitely be following it!

Emily Grace said...

Lovely post! Nope, you're not alone. So many times I can't even hear myself think it gets so loud. I also struggle keeping my tongue in check and using a kind tone of voice also.
But life would be very dull without brothers! =P
The photos of them are so cute--especially the last one =D

Love in Christ,