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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Confessions of A Guinea Pig

Being the first born is interesting. It has its pros and its cons, its up and its downs, its benefits and its drawbacks.
Sure, you get to do everything first but then again you have to do everything first. You sort of are the one to break your parents in as they break you in, you’re their first child and they want to be the best parents that they can be. As a children you’re expected to be the model of obedience. You want to be perfect. But you can’t because there’s one thing in your way…your human nature. Oh boy.

I was corrected for things that my brothers would easily get away with. Haha. J
But I did grow up being disciplined and I’m a pretty disciplined person now so I guess it was good for me. J
Here’s some things that I have dealt with as the firstborn, if you are too, can you relate?

My mom felt like I needed to be reading when I was five, she started teaching me when I was four,  I didn’t read well until I was seven.
I had chores and jobs to do early on; I didn’t have a bunch of older siblings to do them for me.
I had my parent’s undivided attention. My dad would play with me on the floor, and my mom would read books to me.

I was the first one to reach adolescence and become a teenager. That was a big deal.
My parents and particularly my mom had the excruciating job of teaching me how to drive. Or maybe I had the excruciating job of my mom teaching me how to drive but I have a feeling is the former. Haha
A babysitter is never needed because I’m a live in. J

I had the huge blessing of seeing Titus, Levi, and Lily Kate come into the world. I wouldn’t trade that experience for ANYTHING.
Because I’m the oldest I’m a pretty good caregiver. I know how to change a diaper, burp and bathe a baby, and buckle a baby’s car seat. I know how to take care of children. I’ve had lots of practice!
I’m an excellent children’s book reader!

I once asked Gabe if he wished he was the oldest. He promptly replied, “No, because I’ll live longer.” Which can be translated, “I won’t die first.”
I want to be healthy at 100! Haha
God has placed you in the family that He wants you in. He has put you in the perfect place in your family. He knows that it is the ideal place for you.
I read that the many of presidents were firstborns, and that middle children are good peacemakers. Comediennes often are the youngest in the family. Only children make good entrepreneurs. Every role has its blessings!


Abigail and Lydia said...

Oh, gee thanks for posting that FABULOUS picture of me... :)


Lady B said...

I understand a lot of that. Even though I just have the one brother there are a lot of things I have broken Mama and Daddy in for.
Through Christ,

Giann said...

Yeah... I can relate to some things on the list. I kinda liked what you said at the end about how God has placed you in the family He wants you to be in.. I only have 1 brother and, honestly, I'm okay with that!

Love you Abigail!!

Lulu98 said...

I loved this post. I'm actually the youngest though. :) :)

Jennifer said...

I'm the oldest of 6 as well. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've come into marriage with so much knowledge about how to run a home. I'm glad that my mom made me do so many chores now.

Baby Blessings said...

Great post! Oh how I can relate...:)

Being the oldest is certainly not always easy, but oh how much I would have missed out on if I wasn't!

Very delightful read!

Your cousin....

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

lol.... I didn't know Momma's blog account was the one I was posting comments with:) Oh well...

Your cousin,

SavedthruLove said...

i love your positive outlook. At 21 I still harbor a bit of jealousy in how much easier my younger siblings had/have it than I did growing up. BUT I went through exactly what I needed to to become the woman of GOD that I am today and the woman that GOD has called me to be which is LOVING HIM with all I AM! Blessed to have found your blog girl! ♥cheche

Abigail said...

Hey Abigail!
I was a Guinea Pig for 5 years and I still am, but I like being the oldest! I've learned that sometimes being the Guinea Pig isn't all bad.

Great post!!!

~Abigail N