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Saturday, February 12, 2011


The boys got a dog two weeks ago. He’s a mutt, a mixture of English Setter and another breed that I can’t recall.
His name is Rosco.
He is dark brown with white spots.
He is around nine weeks old.
He is very small.
He is very cute.
He is very playful.
He has deep blue eyes.
He has floppy ears.
He likes to nip at our ankles.
He is very playful at night.
He has personality. He thinks he’s very tough bad boy.
He has discovered that I am the only girl who likes him. Lily Kate tries to kick him whenever he messes with her. She panics. Fortunately he doesn’t get around her very often. My mom and Lydia tolerate him; they’re not huge animal people. He likes me because I play and cuddle with him.
I drag a blanket around on the floor and he runs after it. Then he jumps on, but most of the time he has one foot on the floor that he uses to “push” himself with. He looks like he’s surfing.
He is the runt of the litter but what he lacks in size he makes up in weight.
He’s sleeping through the night now which is nice.
He’s not quite potty trained yet. About 80% of the time he goes on the paper or outside but he still has a few accidents.
Cleaning up is quite pleasant.  L
It was a surprise for the boys, Titus was absolutely ecstatic! His face just lit up. He has taken such good care of him. He’s been very responsible, he makes a great parent. haha


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Well, I am glad to hear that Rosco is doing better in the potty training department:)
He is so cute!

Happy Valentines Day!!


Carrington said...

He's so cute! I honestly would have wanted to get a puppy. Our dog isn't very cute, but yours is! I love floppy ears!