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Sunday, November 15, 2009

They Announced It!!!

Sherwood announced their new movie today! I kept checking about everyday for the past two weeks for the video clues they posted. Lydia and I checked about four times today waiting for them to announce it. :) They finally have! It's called "Courageous" and it focuses on the role of the father in the family. For some reason I thought that it might be about a girl this time but I was wrong.:) I was a little surprised that the title didn't start with an "f" like all the others but I think that it will be great! I'm very excited! Check out the video of the Kendrick brothers discussing the theme.
I wonder when I will be released?


Carri said...

I wonder too! i can't wait to see it, it sounds like it wiil be good (like all the other ones). :)

Sister in prayer said...

I am looking forward to watching it! I really enjoyed all the other Sherwood movies, esspecially Facing the Giants, that was SO good!

The Sisters said...

Hey- You need to fix your header... its looking a little unique.